Let's Get Cozy

As you are getting ready for the holidays and changing your closet over to all your favorite cozy sweaters and wool coats, it’s a great time to do the same for your house. We love the clean fresh look of linens and cottons in the summer, but we also equally love the transition into cozier fabrics like velvets, knits and furs. Here are some suggestions to incorporate these looks and textures into your home:

Alice Lane Home Collection || Private ResidenceCHANGE OUT PILLOWS - This is a great way to make a big impact. Switch up colors, or add to what you have with a fur or velvet pillow.  One of my favorite pillows is the Oly velvet popcorn pillows. They come in a variety of beautiful colors, and I find it hard to resist that quilted stitching!


Alice Lane Home Collection || Private ResidenceADD A THROW - How can you not love fur throws? Add them to an end of the bed, over the side of a chaise or sofa, or the back of a chair. It’s the perfect accessory to for a cozy evening.

1 interiors - dustjacket attic

Ralph Lauren Apartment no. One #6GET A NEW DUVET OR COVERLET FOR YOUR BED - I love changing out my bedding to something that reflects the season. Switch your duvet or coverlet to a knit or velvet. I love the depth that that it brings to a room, and it’s so great to sleep with.


tumblr_m3kgnkIyaF1qjxia2o1_500REPLACE A PIECE - Splurge for that new living room sofa or chairs in a soft velvet or mohair. It’s so comfortable to sit on, it looks amazing, and it will last forever!

Alice Lane Home Collection || In-store

Screen shot 2012-04-23 at 9.16.21 AMOTTOMANS COVERED IN FUR - I had the chance to style an area of the store this week, and I used a pair of my favorite ottomans under an entry console.  They add a warmth and texture to any space. I love having these new pieces in the store from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams - they also come in bench size too. It’s an amazing accent at the end of a bed or in an entry.

Using these fabrics creates a look that you can keep throughout the year. They pair well with your linens and add a little bit of luxe all year round.


[photos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

Adding layers to an entry

With fall in full swing and winter soon to follow, our homes seem to need some sprucing to make them feel warmer and more inviting.  With the holidays coming up, guests will be stopping by and the entry is the first place that your guests will see and sometimes the only place they will see. Making this space welcoming and inviting is important.

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 10.46.40 AM

Placing a mirror above your console will make a small entry appear larger and lighter. Adding a lamp or candles will create a soft glow in the evening hours that makes a space feel more inviting.


Layered art leaned in front of a mirror adds depth and shows off who you are. When choosing art, select something that you love, a piece that shows where you've been, or just a piece that speaks to your soul.

Benjamin Dhong (Designer), Corin Frost (Homeowner), San Francisco, Entry Hall

Build forward. Once you have your layered art and lamps, build forward with accessories. A stack of books, a hurricane, or a little tschotske collected from a favorite vacation make great entry console accessories.


Adding in layers doesn't have to be limited to the top of a console. If the bottom is open and leggy, add an ottoman or two for some softness and temporary seating to pull on your winter boots. Adding layers isn't just for your cold weather wardrobe, take risks and experiment adding layers to your entry vignette. Your guests are sure to feel the warmth as soon as they enter.

[Photo 123, and 4]

What's in Store - Rebbecca Atwood Pillows

We are so excited to have recently gotten our shipment of these gold-zippered beauties by the brilliant Rebecca Atwood. After discovering her line we couldn't place an order fast enough. _MG_8488

Each pillow is a piece of art, having been hand dyed, printed and painted. All of these pillows are produced in only small editions and are truly unique and one of a kind. And really, what about that gold zipper? We are dying!


Stop by and see how amazing these are in person! They range from $162.50 -$325.


Rebbecca Atwood Pillows

We are so excited to have recently gotten our shipment of these gold-zippered beauties by the brilliant Rebecca Atwood. After discovering her line we couldn't place an order fast enough.


Each pillow is a piece of art, having been hand dyed, printed and painted. All of these pillows are produced in only small editions and are truly unique and one of a kind. And really, what about that gold zipper? We are dying!


Stop by and see how amazing these are in person! They range from $162.50 -$325.

Market Wrap Up

These last few days were a blur, filled with inspiring pieces all around. Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.31.11 AMOly Studio is always a favorite. Sophisticated with a neutral palette. That chandelier is amazing!

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 10.31.29 AMWe went gaga over these nightstands. It's like the Serena drum pendant got sandwiched in the door panels.

LightingAnd Jessica found two chandeliers she loved to go over her dining table. Which should she choose?

NCA stop at Natural Curiosities was a must. Each piece is inspiring.

We are sad to go but can't wait for all of the new treasures to arrive. Stay tuned!!


High Point Market - Day 2

Day 2 at market proved to be quite successful! PillowsPillows galore! They're always one of our favorite items to shop for at market and we love finding new lines to carry at Alice Lane. Can't wait for these beauties to arrive in-store.

Jeffery ALan MarksMeeting Jeffrey Alan Marks was the highlight of the day. Turns out, he's even more handsome in person!

Visual ComfortStopping by Visual Comfort is pure eye-candy. It's incredible to see everything live. We can't wait for our lamp order to arrive at Alice Lane. We call this piece the Starburst warmer.

IMG_0069We've been seeing a lot of loose pink brush strokes, which we are so happy about! We love all of the feminine colors - both bold and soft.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

To market we go!

This weekend kicked off the start to an inspiring time at High Point Market. It's incredible to see the endless possibilities of what is now available and what is coming available with all of the upcoming trends for spring. MGBWThe first stop this weekend was at one of our favorite showrooms - Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Everything we see there is top secret until it is released for the spring collection. Our rep, handsome Rob, always shows us a great time and helps us select the best fabrics.

Hickory ChairThis chair is the most comfortable chair in the world. It was a hit! And what about this beauty by Mariette Himes Gomez! One of our favorite pieces.

PeopleWe've been lucky enough to run into some of our favorite designers. We can't help but get a little starstruck at market. Suzanne Kasler, Thom Filicia? Who wouldn't be starstruck?


IMG_0037So far we have been seeing a lot of brass (which, as you must know by now, we love!) A lot of vintage modern and traveled pieces seem to be favorites from each line we visit.

Follow us on instagram at @alicelanehome to follow our market adventures as we visit our favorite vendors and discover amazing new furniture and accessories!

How-to: Fall-ize your kitchen

There are so many ways to spruce up your kitchen for the summer, potted herbs, fresh flowers, a sunny bowlful of lemons. When fall rolls around, you might think, "How do I set the tone in the kitchen for fall?" Here's a few of our favorite suggestions: Kitchen+Open+shelving+above+black+countertops+uzcbWIlh4ZllReplace those lemons or limes with apples or something else that is in season. This still adds a pop of color but will be more natural for fall.

Kitchen+open+kitchen+X+base+table+patterned+OTFwXEssXnblWhite pumpkins for the month of October are a fun addition to add a little Halloween spirit while staying true to your style.

Kitchen+Floral+wallpaper+kitchen+white+cabinets+bhsyqeAZg-tlUse a lamp on a buffet or if you have extra space on your counter. It will create a cozier mood for those cooler fall nights.

Kitchen+built+china+cabinet+glass+doors+white+LAeNwzyn1l1lIf you don't have the space for a lamp, lighting candles in the evening is another great way to create that warm and cozy light.

a334716c733adadff42fd116c31301d1We love this kitchen with the pizza is wood fired oven. Just imagine sitting in the kitchen on a crisp fall night with good food and friends.

[photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

How-to: Finding complimentary furniture silhouettes

When it comes to selecting furniture, one concern that we hear repeatedly from our clients is “How do I know which pieces go together?!”  If you have ever felt this way, you are not alone.  Why do you think so many people get stuck in the “sofa set” rut? – Because it feels safe! Say no to sofa sets! We completely understand that selecting and pairing furniture can often seem daunting, but with these simple tips and tricks you can successfully pair pieces that will wow your guests and reflect your own personal style. Inspiration Pic Contemp Elle DecorSCALE - Choose pieces that are similar in relative size, with approximately the same seat height and depth. Follow this rule for your main upholstery pieces.  It is more interesting to add some variety when it comes to arm height/thickness and back height. However, stay away from extreme opposites or your room could start feeling like a Dr. Seuss illustration.


Inspiration Pic Emily HendersonLINES/SILHOUETTE - The lines of a furniture piece can range from very straight and boxy to quite curvy and ornate.  If a grouping has exclusively one line type without the other it often feels either too stiff or too crazy.  If you have clean lines, add some soft curves, and vice-versa.  It's ok to mix styles and period pieces for that eclectic look, but make sure they relate or else something may feel out of place.  When in doubt look at the pieces and think, “Could they be friends?”

Inspiration Pic BW Elle DecorLEGS - Vary the length a bit.  If all of the legs are long, the grouping can feel very “leggy,” like it is floating.  On the other hand, if every piece is low to the ground, the grouping tends to feel quite heavy.  The leg styles/shapes and finishes can also differ slightly, but keep them in the same family so the pieces correlate.

Elle-Decor TuftingDETAILS - Limit tufting, nailheads, or another unique feature to one or two pieces.  This will prevent the room from feeling too busy and allow that detail to be more noticeable and special.

Here are a few pairings from our store: Pairings-01

Take advantage of The Very Best Sale EXTENDED. All Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces are 20% off - in-store and special order items!

Pairing furniture with varied lines, fabrics, finishes, and colors adds interest to a room and displays your unique personality.  It can be nerve-wracking to create your own furniture groupings, but with these simple tips you can select furniture like a pro.  Remember though, there are always exceptions to the rules so don’t be afraid to break them!  When in doubt, go with your gut.  You can do this! If you still have trouble completing your space, contact our design team and they would be more than happy to help steer you in the right direction.


[photos 1, 2, 3, 4]

Our 5th Birthday!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to celebrate our 5th birthday. We loved spending this day with all of you who have made our dreams at Alice Lane a reality! Alice Lane Meikel Reece-17


Alice Lane Home Collection | 5th Birthday Party | Bloom Floral Design StudioThese lovely, elegant flowers were done by the talented Tasha Gines of Bloom Floral Studio.

Alice Lane Home Collection | 5th Brithday | Adam and Jessica Bennett

Alice Lane Home Collection | 5th Birthday | Fiore

Alice Lane Home Collection | 5th Birthday | Waffle LoveWe had our favorite local food trucks stop by for the event - had to have a little bit of the sweet and the savory!


Alice Lane Home Collection | 5th Birthday

Alice Lane Home Collection | 5th Birthday | Staff

It takes an army to create the Alice Lane experience. We are so thrilled to have celebrated five years and can't wait to discover what the next five will hold for Alice Lane Home!

[photos by Meikel Reece]



The Very Best Sale Extended!

The Very Best Sale has extended. All in-store and special order items from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams are still on sale! Flyer_Extended-01A few of our favorite Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams pieces are still on the floor! Come see how comfortable these chairs and sofas are and take advantage of the extended 20% off sale period!

MGBW-1The Odette Sofette

MGBW-2The Dean II Chair and the Dana Chair

MGBW-3The London Sofa



Hurry In!!!

If you've been thinking about that new sofa or reading chair to cozy up in for the winter months, now is the perfect time to buy! These are the last few days of The Very Best Sale. Alice Lane Home Collection | The Very Best Sale

We have a few pieces from these lovely room shots in-store now waiting to go home with you. If you are looking for something in particular, special order items are also 20% off!

This grey linen chair and sofa are a couple favorites that are on the showroom floor now. Stop by and discover just how perfect they are!

The Major Chairs are a great statement. The clean lines and metals frames are downright sexy. We have two in store in a charcoal leather.

10687-CTB_AV1And of course, this beauty - the Vega Cocktail table. Brass is back and we couldn't be happier. If you have any questions or would like fabric samples to be sent to your home, don't hesitate to call the store for more information.

[photos from here]

Mid-Century Modern

A question I get all the time is “What is your favorite style?”  That’s a tough question for this indecisive designer with few absolute favorites.  Do I love this or that?  Modern or traditional?  What would I put in my own house?  To be honest I’d be my own worst client!  It is a blessing and a curse to have access to so many lovely things because there are loads of styles I’d love to live in day to day.  But if I were to pick anything, no holds bar, no one to compromise with or answer to I would live in a mid-century modern home.  I’d build it with a butterfly roof and fill it with natural woods, bright colors, teak furniture with low clean lines and built ins everywhere.  Thinking back to my Grandma Wanda’s home I can see it was her furniture that was my first exposure to the mid-century style and so I associate it with family and love and comfort.  It is what makes me feel at home. Butterfly roof


We’ve all seen some of the classic mid-century furniture pieces, you might even have some in your home now.  Below are some of my favorite chairs that speak to this classic style and are still current today.  If you feel the need for a little mid-century face lift a chair is a great place to start and these classic look alikes are at your fingertips through Alice Lane Home Collection.


From left to right: 1. Amish Chair - $247.50 // 2. Pyramid Chair - $125 // 3. Noland Chair - Regular Price - $1,187.50 (Part of The Very Best Sale) Sale Price - $950 // 4. Marshall Chair - Starts at $1,675 // 5. Casper Chair - $175 // 6. Metal Mesh Chair - $175 // 7. Hugo Chair - Starts at $1,675

So my question for you is: “What is YOUR favorite style?”  Really think about it.  What do you love?  Make a list of furniture, art, accessories, memories, clothes and architecture you love - it doesn’t matter if they “match.”   Stand back and take a look.  These things are what you should start living with regardless of a current trend or what a friend has.  This is you!  Go for it and love it every day.

Happy mid-century designing!


[photo 1 and 2]

The Keaton Two Ways

It's no secret that the Keaton is a favorite around here. We love this beauty because it's available in just about any configuration you may want--loveseat, chair, chair and a half, sleeper sofa, sectional, or several sofa lengths! We have done the Keaton as a sectional--down-filled, upholstered in a velvety fabric--and it's incredible. BLOG3

We currently have the Keaton in store in the same fabric. The Very Best Sale goes until October 7, so come on in and try out the Keaton. Discover which way you like it best!




Alice Lane turns 5! Come celebrate!

They say time flies when you're having fun. This statement could not be more true when thinking about the past 5 years at Alice Lane. To celebrate we are throwing a party tomorrow at the store with great food and a few of our favorite things. Invitation

We also thought we would share a birthday present with you! We will be giving away 5 of Jessica's favorite things! Stop by the store to enter. The winners will be chosen at the end of day -- we will be calling to notify the winners in case you are not present when the winners are chosen.


Everything in the store will be 20% off, and as an extra birthday treat there will be a gift with purchase (while supplies last.)


Can't wait to see you there!

What's in Store - Brass Cocktail Table

Over the past few years we've seen gold and brass increase in popularity and become part of many spaces in fresh new ways. We're not complaining one bit! These warm metal tones add a rich gleam and an almost old-world feel to any space. We can't get enough. I mean, we are still drooling over Jackie Astier's apartment featured in Elle Decor. ED0312_Astier_002-625

This past market, Jessica snatched up some amazing brass beauties. This piece, similar to the one seen in Jackie Astier's apartment, is in-store now! And guess what? She's part of The Very Best Sale. Take 20% off now through October 7th.

340-01548"Dia. x 17"H Regular price: $2,175 Sale price: $1,740



[photo 1]