A Peek into Suzanne's Home

Tom and I live in a 100 year old attic. In reality, I guess most would call it an "apartment" but I prefer "attic". It's much more enchanting! We have lived here over five years and if it were up to me, I'd never move! This past summer we embarked on a small floor refinishing project which snowballed into an entire remodel! It was then that I committed myself to this place. Our itty bitty attic for rent has turned into a design laboratory! A vaulted sanctuary! A place I can't wait to come home to every evening after work! I introduce to you, our attic...

This is where it all began! Imagine a sea of teal carpet transitioning to a circa 1980 peel'n'tick tile... got it? Ok, now imagine 100 year old wood floors hiding beneath... Blasphemous right? I thought so too. I had been flirting with the idea of painted wood floors for a long time and was sold while watching a re-run of Million Dollar Decorators. That Mary McDonald spring boarded this get-up, and I thank her.

It didn't end there though... while Senor Hall was ripping up the floors in the kitchen, he stumbled upon this! The original brick chimney! What?!? It was like Christmas! So of course we had to remodel the kitchen...

All those who know me well, know that I love food and therefore love kitchens! The birthplace of my husband's cooking (and my occasional cookies) had to be special and a place where we could dine, talk and linger for awhile. I wanted each corner to sing to one another in a quirky, off-key Christmas carol! I think we did it - virtual high fives for everyone!

Our attic is a one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room and... an art nook! How lucky am I to have a place where I can doodle, watercolor, write love notes and dream of new projects?!?

It's not big but every inch of it sings!

There are certain areas in everyone's home that they naturally gravitate towards. For me, that would be my Living Room/ Family Room/ Everything Room! I only have one of them so I have to make it count!

My love affair with this space began with a sofa... That cutie pie tufted girl with the dimples in her cushions! We were destined for each other and through the Sunday naps and occasional salsa spills; she's proven to be my most treasured purchase from Alice Lane!

I am in love with this season! Everything from the smells, the lights, the meaning and yes, even the commercialism I adore! I embrace it long before its socially acceptable and begin to decorate the second Halloween exits. People find reasons to give! Countertops are filled with family recipes and I am lucky enough to not just live in an attic but an attic above my mom and my dad in the home I grew up in. I am by definition a homebody because my home truly is my favorite place on earth!

- Suzanne

[photos by Meikel Reece]

Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! The time has come to decide on Christmas dinner decor. Here's a few of our favorites: Suspend a branch above your table and hang ornaments from it. We've done there here at our front desk. It makes it a dreamy ornament heaven as you eat.

Make it a natural Christmas with neutral linens and fresh sprigs of pine. Plant a few bulbs and adorn with pinecones for the centerpiece.

Dress your chandelier with a wreath and ornaments. Hang a few branches and cinnamon sticks on the backs of each chair. If you are doing place cards - hang those form the backs of the chairs with your arrangement.

Keep it simple with whites and shades of white. A touch of silver and plum will add some elegance.

How will you be decorating for your holiday dinner?

Blogger Holiday Social 2011: Merry Christmas, Darling

Last night was our 2nd Annual Blogger's Holiday Social held here at Alice Lane. We did this last year and it was a great success - so much fun to get to rub elbows with the local talent.

Our theme this year was Merry Christmas, Darling and we wanted everything to feel very handmade and homespun. What better way to do that then sew our name tags and make homemade jam and fresh biscuits for the favors!

Here are some of Utah's most talented!

There were delicious treats for everyone to indulge!

This year we decided to do a fun gift giveaway. Everyone brought something that they had made - showing off their talents and we did a drawing to exchange! All of the gifts were so lovely and perfect!

Here is a list of those who attended. Make sure to check out their blogs and see their amazing talents!

Alice Lane's Holiday Playlist

The Christmas season is in full swing. The tree is decorated, presents are being wrapped - all the while listening to a few of our favorite holiday tunes. This is just a sampling of what we are listening to here at Alice Lane.

Merry Christmas Darling - The Carpenters

I'll Be Home for Christmas - Diana Krall

Last Christmas - Wham!

Winter Song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Happy Christmas (War is Over) - John Lennon

Covered in Snow - William Fitzsimmons

Winter Storm - Joshua James

The Christmas Waltz - She & Him

Let it Snow - Michael Buble

Maybe this Christmas - Ron Sexsmith

River - Sarah McLachlan

Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

Sleigh Ride  - Ella Fitzgerald

The Christmas Song - The Ravonettes

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone

What are you listening to this holiday season?

[images via Pinterest]

Show n' Tell - Private Residence - Living Room

She is a sophisticated, busy mom who wears many hats. When she finally returns home after an eventful day - all she wants is a little bit of peace and serenity. A spot where she can unwind, cozy up by the fire, put her feet up and visit with her family.

In order to achieve this ultimate comfort, we placed two sofas facing each other - these Thomas O'Brien tufted sofas can do no wrong! A mature placement, yet allows for easy conversation. We then placed an overscaled cocktail ottoman in the middle of the room. This cleverly designed ottoman features a removable wooden tray that is surrounded by a border of luxurious graphite leather. (Yes, style and function can coexist!) We wanted to loosen up the room by placing an unusual chair next to the fireplace. The Maude chair by Oly was the perfect gal for the job! We covered the seat in a silver velvet animal print - just thinking about it makes me smile! No room is complete without layering in a few lamps. Any time you can turn off your overhead lighting and use the quiet light from your table lamps, it will create a sense of calm in your surroundings. So, busy moms, don't be afraid to hang up your many hats at the back door - make a quiet spot in your home where you can unwind, cozy up by the fire, put up your feet and visit with your family.

- Christy

Gift Wrapping Inspirations

The presents under the tree are just the icing on the cake for holiday decor. They complete the tree! Here's a little inspiration for the art of gift wrapping. For your best friend or sister, tie the gift box up in a pretty scarf. Two gifts in one!

Neutrals and naturals. Use different textures but keep the colors neutral. Add a touch of sparkle for a pop. Lovely little packages under the tree.

Naturals with pops of traditional red and green. Add cinnamon sticks, holly berries, anything that reminds you of a traditional Christmas.

Tie up packages with old maps and string. Use maps of places you have visited with the gift recipient to add more nostalgia.

Want some color and fun? Want Christmas to feel like a party? Wrap the gifts up in brown paper and use double stick tape where you want the confetti to stick.

Keep it simple with brown paper and raffia. Add a sprig of pine. Simple and elegant.

[images found via Pinterest]

This Just In - SugarBoo Designs

We just got another Market shipment in! Artwork, pillows and more! And this line tugs at our heartstrings. The sayings and the handmade feel of the items are just so sweet. Zinc Hearts to fill your favorite bowl and write your favorite sayings on - $8.80 each

Pillows - Stitched and handblocked - $132 each

Notecards - Funny and sweet for your favorite person - $2.50

Artwork for everyone - $66 - $600.

A perfect gift to share with the one you love the most. Stop by and see them in person!

What's in Store - Leather Moroccan Poufs

You've seen them in design magazines and in the movies but here they are LIVE! We just received these leather poufs that we have been waiting so impatiently for from Market! Aren't they amazing? We have them in white, orange, raspberry and silver! $237.50 each

See how great these look - featured in Elle Decor! The make the perfect little accent. Use them as a footstool or just on the side of a chair or sofa or tucked under a console or end table.

The Art of Gifting

I love giving. I love shopping for just the thing. I love thinking ver specifically about each person I gift. It's a consideration that takes a great deal of though - I categorize my subjects into two categories. They're either practical or emotional types that totally appreciate a little luxury. Needs versus wants. Both types of people still deserve a well wrapped gift and a love note. I even like to tell them what I was thinking when I chose their gift. Why they needed it. Make it personal. That's the part that is the gift. They LOVE you put into it. 1. Magazine Subscriptions - There are a bunch for $5 on Amazon right now! 2. A Rowenta iron and a nice new spray bottle. 3. An entry rug or doormat - Alice Lane - In store now. 4. A rug in front of the kitchen sink - Alice Lane - In store now. 5. Dish or hand towels for the kitchen - I love William Sonoma. 6. Bar of soap on a beautiful dish - Alice Lane - In store now. 7. Hand Cream in a tube. They can keep it by the sink or throw it in their purse.  - Alice Lane - In store now. 8. Beautiful antique reproduction gold scissors - These could be pretty hanging from a ribbon near your wrapping or sewing station. - Alice Lane - In store now. 9. Silver serving dish - Makes you feel more culinary! And everything tastes better! - Alice Lane - In store now. 10. Nice Thank You cards with a good pen. 11. Decorative hooks for the pantry to hang aprons and what-nots or for the mud hall, closet or bathroom to hang necklaces. - Alice Lane - In store now. 12. For the person who works a lot - desk accessories.  - Alice Lane

1. A candle with long wooden matches and a candle snuffer. - Alice Lane - In store now. 2. Cashmere socks and a pedicure. 3. A plush bathrobe liket his silk velvet one from Garnet Hill. 4. Haflinger slippers for men or women from Garnet Hill. 5. Music. Whatever puts you in a place when you hear it - that you have to just stop and be! 6. A date to do smile luxuries. Salted caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks. 7. An experience - tickets to something or somewhere! 8. A small box of fancy chocolates - My favorite are Frango mints. 9. Crystal candy dish (Full of candy, of course!) 10. A cocktail ring. 11. Art - Messages so sweet you could cry. - Alice Lane - In store now. 12. A gorgeous crystal picture frame with a love note in it. - Alice Lane - In store now.

Happy gifting! Do it with love. And they'll love it!

- Jessica

How to: Dress Your Mantle - Holiday Style

Decorating the mantle for the holidays is so important - This is a place of magic and wonderment. The fireplace is everything! It is important to just layer things on. The result will be a full and festive display.Begin with a simple garland - it could have pinecones or just be the garland. We have quite a few different options here at Alice Lane! Wire it to the mantle to keep it in place.

Next - add picks and branches into the garland to make it more full. For this garland we added a lighter green than the garland with berries. You can wire those in or just bend the branches around the garland.

Next - group your ornaments in clusters throughout the garland. You can wire these to keep them in place as well. Add ornaments to each side or keep it simple and just wire your clusters down the sides as well.

For a finishing touch, use rope or stocking hangers to hang the stockings by the chimney with care.

Add some height to your mantle with some taller trees with a few miniature ornaments hanging from those. You can add some birds or deer to place on the mantle as well.

You can also attach ornaments form the garland for the hanging affect if you have another place for your stockings.

See how we've added the jingle bell picks here? It just gives more depth and adds more sparkle.

Stop by Alice Lane and one of our experts can help you gather items to create your own layered mantle!

What's in Store - Oly Studio Stella Shelf

Looking for the perfect shelf? Look no further because we have the Stella shelf by Oly Studio. With beautiful antiqued gold detailing, this shelf makes and elegant statement. 27.5"W x 13"D x 79.5"H $2,900

The Stella also comes in a larger size: 40"W x 13"D x 94"H which we can order in. See how lovely it looks - featured in this month's issue of Lonny. Add books and tchotchkes for the perfect styling.