The Magical Tale of Patience Brewster


I am a sucker for a good story, and Patience Brewster has one of the best in my opinion!

First off, Patience Brewster REALLY is her name! (And get this, she descends from “Love Brewster”.)


She grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts where she befriended the neighboring horses, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and cows that populated the fields surrounding her home! After knowing this fun fact, her ornaments became all the more magical in my whimsical mind! She grew up sketching and what better inspiration for her books and ornaments than all the critters she called friends?!?


Every year Patience develops a new gang of characters and hand paints the prototypes for market.Once you order the ones you want to bring home with you, they begin production and hand paint EACH AND EVERY ONE (I swoon)!!! When Jessica saw these last April at the gift show, she immediately text me pictures and screamed that we were going to offer them this Christmas! I was elated and began counting down the days to bring my new friends home.


So far, I have an alligator in heels, the famous Christmas pig wearing a tutu, and my favorite, the artichoke gifting a radish. I love them all dearly and want to gift one to all my friends and family because there REALLY is a character for everyone!  (They are after all one of a kind collectables…)


Christmas is about making memories and visually there is no better place to display these than on your Christmas tree! Buy ornaments that speak to your heart and make you want to be a kid again….that’s what Patience Brewster does for me!

We will be offering a special promotion on these favorites of mine, Friday and Saturday only. So hurry in!

the magical world of patience brewster | alice lane home collection

Merry Christmas dear friends of Alice Lane!

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[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Christmas is right around the corner, folks. Looking for those last minute gifts? Here are a few of our favorite things that are in the store now, ready and waiting to be wrapped up and tied with a bow! a few of our favorite things | alice lane home collection

DESIGN BOOKS -  A lovely gift idea for the holiday is one of our many design books. They are beautiful to have displayed on a coffee table or anywhere in your home and are great accessories to bring color and visual interest to a space. There’s nothing I love more than curling up and reading beautiful design book that inspires. - Lindsey M., stylist design books - $35 - $75 || magnifying glass - $87.50

Gifting5 copy

ORIGAMI NATIVITY SET -  This nativity is so unique. Have you ever seen one like it, ever?  It's cutie pie size. Perfect for a small console, nightstand, or coffee table; and storing away for the year is a breeze, though why would you want to? (Nobody puts baby in corner.)  It's also a timeless piece. I'll be proudly displaying this beauty well into the grandmother years. Look with your eyes, grandkids, hands off. When this ceramic origami style nativity caught my eye, I fell hard. it was covet at first sight. Pure blasphemy. - Holly A., stylist nativity scene - $93.75 || animals and palm tree - $46.25


JINGLE BELLS - I love jingle bells because they SCREAM Christmas! You can enjoy them in your Christmas tree, hanging from garland on your mantel, hanging in the center of a wreath, on your banister, tied onto a Christmas present, on your door, on your dogs collar, anywhere!! - Jen, stylist bell garland - $40


CANDLE SET - Christmas does not start for me until I can smell the magic of Christmas in the air. Fresh cut evergreens, gingerbread houses, and homemade wassail makes the holiday complete. So spoil your bestie or divide it up and share the scent of Christmas with your neighbors. We'll even package them up for you! - Eleena, designer voluspa candle set of 6 - $62.50


WOODEN SPOON - The kitchen is my holiday heaven. I love the process of starting with many pieces and bringing them together to create something magical. Christmas is the perfect season to pull out those special recipes that fill your home with memories and traditions. At the top of my gift giving list is this year is a hand carved wooden spoon. The work of a local craftsman, each spoon is unique and speaks a tail of longevity, practicality and beauty. I can’t think of anything more wonderful to give this season than something made by hand and given from the heart. - Michelle, store manager handmade wooden spoon - $25 || cookbooks - $15 - $40

We've just lowered the discount on our Christmas decor. Stop in to pick out trimmings for this year's party or a few ornaments to top off your gift wrapping.

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Holiday Banisters

holiday banisters | alice lane home collection Deck the halls? Check. Deck the tree? Check. Deck the banister? Definitely!  And why not, your staircase is one of those architectural elements that already draws attention, so haul out that holly and make it merry and bright.

holiday banisters | alice lane home collection

Whether your style is elegant or all natural, you can’t go wrong with something living and fresh. I like this fresh approach with seeded eucalyptus and blooms or the boxwood wrapped with rope and ornaments.

holiday banisters | alice lane home collection

If you rather a more nostalgic or rustic approach, how about stringing a simple pom-pom or snowflakes, or maybe your staircase is a great place to collect the holiday cards you’ve received?

holiday banisters | alice lane home collection

Maybe you’re of the mindset that there simply can never be enough twinkle lights?  You and me both.  Then stringing some chunky lights may just be your thing.

holiday banisters | alice lane home collection

What about the banister-less among us?  You’re in good company.  Lump yourself in with the chimney-less, because Santa will still be impressed when he stops by and feels the holiday cheer in the little details of your home.

jenna | alice lane home collection

[photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]

Wrap it up!

Photorepro: 1 /Daniel S Now that the tree is trimmed and the stockings hung, it's time for gifts! Christmas decor just doesn't seem complete without pretty presents under the tree. So pick your color scheme and unleash that creativity. Here are a few ideas that we are loving:


If you're wanting a more natural look, use a linen or kraft paper. Take a clipping from your tree or a plant to top it off.

Gift Toppers

Using a graphic wrapping paper gives a fun and modern touch. Add a pom pom topper or mix patterns for a touch of whimsy.

all that glitters

You can never go wrong with a bit of sparkle. Pretty golds and silvers always look good under the tree.

We know that the perfect ribbon can be hard to find, that's why we've stocked up! Everything from a basic twine to a pretty velvet in a party pink color. Prices range from $10 - $23.



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Put a Wreath On It!

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection With the holidays quickly approaching, Christmas decorating is upon us. If the thought of decorating makes you nervous and break out in a cold sweat, I have the solution for you! The wreath. It's the perfect stand-alone décor and least stressful way to spruce up (pun intended) for the holidays. If you’re an old pro with the Christmas decorations, I have some fresh ideas for you as well to branch out (last pun, I promise) and add life to your existing pieces.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

Try looping a wreath over mirrors and art. Don’t worry about covering up the piece, the holidays are all about cozy textural layers. Make sure to use a pretty ribbon to add that extra hit of detail and color.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

Hang multiple wreaths to get a gallery wall effect. Try combining different sizes and textures to create an organic display. This is a perfect trick if you have an abundance of wreaths and a large empty wall. Consider working a wreath into your already existing gallery wall.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

Try this trick for your next holiday party. Put a wreath on the front of your console, side table, or leaned on the top of your bar cart.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

Weave a garland into your chandelier to create a beautiful wreath suspended above your table. It’s instant ambiance for your next dinner party.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

Nestle a wreath on a stand next to your fireplace or stand it on a console to add height to a Christmas display.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

Consider a different shaped wreath, a heart or square, to add an unexpected element. Switch out your round wreath for a swag. There’s something irresistibly drapey about this look.

put a wreath on it | alice lane home collection

One last note, if you always go with a traditional evergreen wreath, look for ways to amp up the texture. Incorporate punchy citrus fruit or wind in some twiggy branches. Opt for a bay leaf or a boxwood wreath for a more manicured looking wreath.

kristina | alice lane home collection

[photos 2, 3, 9, and 10 by Nicole Hill Gerulat for Alice Lane Home Collection; photos 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13, and 14]

Give Thanks!

give thanks | alice lane home collection You've got plenty to do in preparation for Thanksgiving, so we went ahead and curated the perfect soundtrack for all of your pumpkin pie baking, table setting, thanks giving needs.

We hope you all enjoy a holiday feast tomorrow. We will be closing at 3 p.m. today and remain closed Thursday and Friday. We will reopen Saturday for our normal hours.

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On This Year's Menu

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many preparations are being made, whether you are hosting dinner or visiting family. Traditional, tried and true recipes seem to be the standard for this holiday, but it's always exciting to switch things up and try a new recipe or incorporate a new flavor at your Thanksgiving table. These are a few that we are hoping to try: Turkey and Green Beans

Citrus and Herb Roasted Turkey | Green Beans


Apple Herb Stuffing

Rolls and Salad

Rosemary and Sea Salt Rolls | Roasted Acorn Squash and Beet Salad

What Thanksgiving dish are you most looking forward to?


The Hostess with the Mostess

There's nothing more satisfying than throwing a fabulous party! When your friends and family have a great time at your home and thank you for being a gracious host, you won't even mind cleaning up afterwards. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, here are a few tips and tid-bits for pulling off a delightful shindig. the hostess with the mostess | alice lane home collection

Setting the table sets the mood for the evening. Don’t be afraid to bring out the real stuff – the fancy linens and fine china (I don’t know anyone that enjoys eating with plastic silverware!) Your grandmother will be so proud!


Next, layer in beautiful fresh flowers.  Anytime you add fresh flowers to your tabletop it adds life, dimension, and personality to the party.  Whether it’s a few simple bud vases or several full arrangements, flowers are everything!

Since Thanksgiving is next week (where did the time go?!), adding in a few pumpkins or fall leaves to your tablescape is always a fun and festive detail.

I am a firm believer in candle light!  When you dim your overhead lights and fill the room with beautiful flickering candles, it will give your party a warm, cozy, and intimate atmosphere. Don’t be skimpy on the candles – fill your tabletop with them. A collection of lovely candles will change any drab party to fab (you’re welcome!)

the hostess with the mostess | alice lane home collection

A lovely hostess knows how to make her guests feel welcome. She is attentive and always adds that extra touch to make her guests feel special. An easy way to customize your table is by simply adding a place card. Whenever I arrive at a party and see my name thoughtfully written on a place card, it makes me feel like my hostess is excited and happy to have me at her beautiful event. Who doesn’t love to feel a little special?!

And lastly, don’t forget to enjoy your party! A relaxed and warm hostess will put her guests at ease. So bring out your fine china and start planning your Thanksgiving feast. With these few tips and tid-bits, you will easily be the hostess with the mostess!

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Decorating Your Mantle

Merry Christmas homeboys and homegirls!

So I know some of you are thinking these Christmas posts may be premature, but I am here to tell you that there is no reason to delay happiness! Christmas is happiness!  You get to fill your house with frasier fir and cinnamon sticks and  paint the place in white twinkling lights. Why on earth should we deny ourselves any longer?!?  If you haven’t already, pull out your tree or plan a weekend to go cut one down . Take inventory of what you have, what you need, and last but definitely not least, throw your favorite Christmas cd in the boombox cause its about to get real!

Once you have your tree up and lit, follow me to another area of priority this merry time of year…..the mantle.  The fireplace mantle is a huge focal point!  It's where your family gathers when its cold ,and it's where the stockings hang waiting to be filled.  Let's dress it accordingly shall we?

how to decorate your mantle | alice lane home collection

 Mantle Sketch

1. THE GARLAND - Regardless of your Christmas style (whimsy, glam, woodsy) the base layer of your mantle stays the same….you need a garland! If you have one, wonderful, and if you don’t it's time to pony up and get one. All you need to do is measure the length of your mantle and add 3-4 feet for drape.  They come in all different varieties, and here is where you can adapt to your personal Christmas style. Once you're ready to hang it, decide if you want it to be simple and straight across or full bodied with one or two swags  (See sketch above).

wire cutters

When hanging your garland, make sure you have some green christmas wire, wire cutters, nails and a hammer.  You will simply cut a long enough piece of wire to wrap around you garland and anchor back into the wall or top of mantle.  This is where you will anchor your nail.

decorating your mantle | alice lane home collection

Once you have your base garland anchored and lookin’ pretty, I like to add dimension with a second layer of greenery.  You can interweave a different type of garland for interest and/or add picks of winterberries, holly and pinecones to make it appear as if it has been growing there forever.  The idea is to get your base layer nice and full!

decorating your mantle | alice lane home collection

2: TAILS, SWAGS & HEROS Here is where your personal Christmas style can really shine through!  If you are whimsy, gather together your collection of tinsel trees and vintage glass ornaments.  If you're glam, collect your sparkly baubles and hurricanes 'cause its time to cake decorate this gorgeous garland!

decorating your mantle | alice lane home collection

I love adding some drippiness and drama on each end (or tails) of the mantle.  You can bunch several ornaments together and  hang them at different levels with your favorite ribbon or twine.  Another trick is to add a wreath in the center of the mantle.  It adds a lot of gusto and is a nice scale with all the small ornaments and berries. (Because honestly, don’t we all want a garland with gusto?)  At this point, you can sprinkle the rest of the garland with more ornaments or picks until it feels right and finished.

PS: Don’t forget the stockings!

decorating your mantle | alice lane home collection

3: TOP OF THE MANTLE One word…..COLLECTIONS!  The top of the mantle can often get cluttered with random accessories when all it needs is a few similar items from the same family.  A collection of candlesticks, a collection of plates or even a collection of trees is enough to make a statement! Vary the heights of your pieces so you can see the collection through the voluptuous garland!

decorating your mantle | alice lane home collection

My very favorite Christmas decorations are those that are personal.  Ones that tug at you with memories or introduce colors that make your insides dance.  Please include these!  They give your home soul and add a richness you can’t buy. Don’t hide your kids homemade ornaments or the one your mother gave you because these pieces are what Christmas is all about. They have a place amidst the sparkles, lights, and garlands!

We love Christmas here at Alice Lane and want your home to be your favorite place on earth.


The Christmas Elf

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Fall Bookshelf Layering

Dear readers,

Let's take a home hiatus for just a moment to talk about fall/winter fashion, shall we? Because dressing your home for the cold months ahead is a lot like dressing yourself for the cold months ahead.   (Here's the part where I attempt to be a fashion blogger.  You've been warned.)

When we think autumn and winter, we think in layers, texture, and rich deep colors.  For further instruction let's turn to my favorite master of the cold weather arts: Ralph Lauren.  I'm certain you'll agree that no one does it better.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

I mean, look at this photo.  Is it stunning or what?  Everything is wool, tweed, leather, fur, herringbone, hounds tooth, animal print, fair isle, plaid, and is that a dog or an afghan?  Each outfit is timeless with several layers of warmth and luxury, which is no different from how our homes should be dressed during this time of year.  Hiatus over.

In recent posts we've talked about autumn-izing our kitchens, entries, and adding coziness using textiles.  Now let's discuss how we can use these same layering techniques on our bookshelves.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

USE GRASS CLOTH - Adding grass cloth to the backs of your bookshelves creates a rich warmth and texture that gives your eye something to read to.  Never had an opportunity to meet grass cloth in person?  Come introduce yourself to the grass cloth wall in our store.  You might just want to take him home.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

DEEPEN THE MOOD - Dark bookshelves are undeniably chic, and what's beyond amazing is to paint out the walls and trim in the same drama enhancing shade.  I recommend this only if your home doesn't already have too much drama, i.e. teenagers, and/or Diana Ross.For an even bolder effect, have the bookshelves painted with a lacquered finish.  I just drooled a little bit.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

If you find yourself on the fence about committing to such a dramatic space, try painting only the backs of your bookshelves a deep color.  We get it.  Oreos are delicious for a reason.  And how great are those arches along the top?  Oh, mama.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

LAYER BOOKS BOTH VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY - That's it.  Just do it. Notice how Francisco Costa brings interest to his bookshelves by layering books both vertically and horizontally, avoiding what could have been a rather boring wall of books.  Side note: See the killer sconces flanking the shelves?  We'll get to that in a minute.  Oh, and he likes owls.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

LAYER IN THINGS YOU LOVE - Something we always advise our clients to do in their home is to use pieces that are meaningful to them.  Don't ever settle on something just because it's what everyone else is doing at the moment.  You will find more joy and satisfaction in your home if every space is filled with real pieces that represent you.  Use bookshelves to display a souvenir from your honeymoon, your first thrown pottery, your child's artwork, extracted wisdom teeth, etc.  How you layer your bookshelves is a representation of who you are; allow them to do some of the talking for you.

fall bookshelf layering | alice lane home collection

BRING IN THE OUTDOORS - Now is a great time to bring in some chopped wood to add both texture and function through the cold weather.  Can someone please take me here and forget about me? Golly, this room.

...or you might just ditch the books altogether for firewood and get a Kindle.

Enjoy your bookshelves that look like a Ralph Lauren editorial!  I'm gonna go spread the word that I'm a sucker for dark bookcases and trim.

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