Jessica Bennett
Owner & Design Principal

Jessica started her creative journey at Utah State University. Her studies there led to her work in an ad agency as an art director but building her home brought back her earliest passion: interior design. Jessica realized that if she could produce a brand for corporations, then she could certainly design the interiors that housed them. Jessica’s design work led to a globally expanding tech firm sending her on a worldwide tour to design their international offices and along the way her projects snowballed as she began accepting more offers to share her talent.

In 2008, Jessica opened the doors to Alice Lane Home Collection, our first retail store. In its infancy, Alice Lane consisted of just three employees, two of which were Jessica and her husband. A small corner of the showroom floor was dedicated to full-time design work and only a handful of small design projects were underway at any given time. Today, just 7 whirlwind-years later, Alice Lane employs a large team, a third of which are full-time interior designers. Since the birth of Alice Lane, hundreds of design projects have been completed; these projects have grown from small residential settings to large estates and commercial buildings. The exponential growth of Alice Lane recently inspired her to further expand our design laboratory. In March 2014, we opened our Alice Lane flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.Its collected mix of quality pieces and timeless design has led Alice Lane to be an award-winning interior design firm and showroom, and a favorite among all who have experienced it.


Suzanne Hall
VP of Design

From the beginning stages of the design process, Suzanne Hall can already visualize the end result and masterfully communicates this with her clients in the form of beautifully hand-drawn renderings. As a designer, she effortlessly blends pattern, color, and texture to create an eclectic yet timeless palette. This design approach, combined with her three-dimensional way of thinking, and a gift to translate her thoughts onto paper has led Suzanne to be an award-winning interior designer.

As a design student, Suzanne was the recipient of a national student competition working with Southern Accents Magazine and Kravet Fabrics. There she worked on the magazine’s showhouse designed by Mary Evelyn McKee, and several of her renderings were published in the magazine. Suzanne was also awarded an internship in Edinburgh, Scotland where she worked alongside other designers to restore a historical castle. In addition to this work, Suzanne’s own home was published in Kitchens and Baths, her Christmas decor was published in Flea Market Decor, and her client’s homes have been published in Utah Style and Design, and Kitchens and Baths. Suzanne was one of Alice Lane’s first interior designers, joining in its infancy early 2009. Her work alone has, in large part, contributed to the success that Alice Lane sees today.

Utah State University Department of Art & Design – Logan, Utah
Degree: Bachelor of Arts – Interior Design
Favorite Courses: Art and Drafting


Kristina Kellett
Senior Designer

Growing up as a daughter of a home economics teacher, Kristina was surrounded by textiles, pattern making, and sewing. Coupling this knowledge of textiles with a talent for sketching and painting she rightfully assumed her role as an interior designer quite seamlessly. Kristina’s talent for creating timeless and practical elegance lies in her brilliant fusion of texture, pattern play, and controlled use of color. Before joining the Alice Lane team Kristina fulfilled an internship in New York City with Nancy Boszhardt’s design firm, and upon completion of her interior design degree, became a designer for a commercial architecture firm in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here she became an expert in technical design as she worked closely with architects to complete numerous well-known structures throughout the state, but her passion for residential design led Kristina to work as a designer for a firm in Park City, Utah. She joined Alice Lane in June 2011, starting out as the Orem store manager, and she moved into the design firm in June 2013. As a designer, Kristina finds inspiration in museums, books, and magazines. She loves to spend time perfecting her skills in photography, cooking, sewing, playing the piano, sketching, and painting.

Utah State University Department of Art & Design – Logan, Utah
Studies: Arts – Interior Design
Favorite Courses: Residential Design, Painting and Drawing, Typography, Textiles


Ali Guymon
Junior Designer

Ali’s passion for interior design arose at a young age as she watched her parents refurbish antique furniture in her family’s basement, and learned what characteristics are present in quality pieces. During her studies at Utah State University, she discovered how fulfilling she found a career in design, as an industry that combines both artistic and technical skills to create the spaces in which people spend their lives.

Her design experience began with an internship for Alice Lane, and then bloomed in New York City, where she worked for both Campion Platt and Vicente Wolfe.

When it comes to design inspiration, Ali suggests that her clients find the piece of furniture, wallpaper or artwork that makes their heart sing every time they look at it, and then make that the hero of the space.

When she’s not drawing design inspiration from beautiful photography and nature, she enjoys spending her time experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen, exploring museums, and indulging in her guilty pleasure of true crime documentaries.

Utah State University Department of Art & Design – Logan, Utah
Degree: Bachelor of Interior Design
Favorite Courses: History of Architecture & Furnishings and Computer Aided Drafting & Design


Madison Stewart
Junior Designer

Madison believes that design inspiration is unique as individuality. Personally, she pulls ideas from the world around her – from sources as pure and organic as nature, to the manmade architecture of urban cityscapes. In fact, it was her admiration of her parents’ love for remodeling that sparked her love of design at a young age.

Following her studies at Utah State University, Madison interned with textile and interior designer, Caitlin Wilson, then went on to work with House of Jade interiors as a Design Assistant and Marketing Manager.

Her ultimate goal when working with clients is to create spaces that are unique as their personalities, and ensure that they simply love walking through their door at the end of the day. One of her design dreams is to refurbish an old historic home and give it new life by mixing together pieces of antique character with things that are fresh and new.

When she’s not designing, Madison loves spending time with her family and friends, traveling to new destinations, trying new restaurants, and attending concerts.

Utah State University Department of Art & Design – Logan, Utah
Degree: Bachelor of Interior Design
Favorite Courses: Design Studio and Graphic Design


Jessica Talbot
Junior Designer

From a very young age, Jessica realized that her truest happiness was rooted in creativity. That desire led her to exploring many different fields of art and finally settling on a career in interior design, finding it to be the perfect balance of creativity and structure.

Her favorite projects begin with bones that have a traditional and classic feel. From there, she builds the design with layered textures and colors that create a collected, curated atmosphere catered specifically to satisfy each client’s needs.

Paralleled with her love of design, is a love of cooking.  She uses this daily-chore-turned-passion as an additional outlet to create experiences that she can enjoy and share with others. She finds a thrill in combining textures, flavors and beauty onto a plate, resulting in a beautiful, complex medley that is grander than the individual elements alone.  This echoes the satisfaction she feels when she creates an atmosphere that delights a design client.

Utah State University Department of Art & Design – Logan, Utah
Degree: Bachelor of Interior Design
Favorite Courses: Professional Practice in Interior Design and Graphic Design: Brand Identity


McKinley Emmett
Junior Designer

During her time as an intern for Vincente Wolf in New York City, McKinley realized the depth of her passion for interior design as she encountered inspiration around every corner – from museums, to surrounding architecture, to the people in the city.

Her inspiration for new projects comes from all forms of design, whether interior, fashion, furniture or graphics. Her dream project, in fact, has a connection to the world of fashion design: creating a one-of-a-kind powder room that reflects the personality and style of Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour.

With an eclectic personal design aesthetic, McKinley loves mixing modern with traditional, and believes that with a bit of research in books, magazines and even social media, her clients can find something that speaks to them and sparks an excitement to live in the spaces she creates.

When she’s not drafting up new ideas in our Design Center, she enjoys running, skiing and anything that has to do with fresh flowers.

Utah State University Department of Art & Design – Logan, Utah
Degree: Bachelor of Interior Design
Favorite Courses: Computer Aided Drafting & Design, Residential Studio, and Art History