Cambri's Picks

This ottoman brings interest to a room.

Ottomans are great. There's nothing like getting home after a long day and kicking your feet up on a soft ottoman while you finish that novel.

This vintage rug ottoman is one-of-a-kind that will make a special addition to your home.

One of my favorite arrivals at Alice Lane is this vintage rug ottoman. One-of-a-kind pieces like these are special additions to a home. The colors and craftsmanship are beautiful. This ottoman brings the perfect amount of interest and function to a sitting room. It has enough color to get your attention but doesn't distract from the rest of the space. It blends well with a number of color schemes. Not only is this piece beautiful, but the vintage rug upholstery makes it strong and durable. This ottoman will be able to keep your eyes and your tired feet happy longer than the original ottomans were around. (Which was 624 years...I checked.)

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