4 Tips For Layering Art

Before you whip out a hammer and nails and attempt to tackle the brain-crunching task of perfectly spacing and hanging a gallery art wall in your home, try the stress-free "lean & layer" look instead. Layering art is definitely nothing new, but it has most certainly found its way back into the spotlight. We love how layered art looks like an authentic collection of beautiful pieces curated over time. Alice Lane Home_Layred Art in Desk


Here are 4 tips on how to layer art for the best look:

1. Use a variety of sizes - Layer a variety of square, portrait, and landscape art in an array of sizes to keep things loose and organic. Avoid layering art of similar shape and size as this will only cover up the art behind.

2. Mix up the frames - Unless you're going for a super formal look, we suggest mixing up the color and style of frames. This help's to define each layer and makes each piece stand out from the rest.

3. Use complimenting art - Avoid using "sets" of art that are sold together and instead find unique pieces that compliment each other. This will give you that "collected" look, like you've hand picked each and every piece. Because you have!

4. Put in unexpected places - We love to layer art in unexpected places like on a mantle, in a bookshelf, or on a desk. Find that special place where you can view and admire your collection often!

Alice Lane Home_How To Layer Art

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