A Peek into Suzanne's Home

Tom and I live in a 100 year old attic. In reality, I guess most would call it an "apartment" but I prefer "attic". It's much more enchanting! We have lived here over five years and if it were up to me, I'd never move! This past summer we embarked on a small floor refinishing project which snowballed into an entire remodel! It was then that I committed myself to this place. Our itty bitty attic for rent has turned into a design laboratory! A vaulted sanctuary! A place I can't wait to come home to every evening after work! I introduce to you, our attic...

This is where it all began! Imagine a sea of teal carpet transitioning to a circa 1980 peel'n'tick tile... got it? Ok, now imagine 100 year old wood floors hiding beneath... Blasphemous right? I thought so too. I had been flirting with the idea of painted wood floors for a long time and was sold while watching a re-run of Million Dollar Decorators. That Mary McDonald spring boarded this get-up, and I thank her.

It didn't end there though... while Senor Hall was ripping up the floors in the kitchen, he stumbled upon this! The original brick chimney! What?!? It was like Christmas! So of course we had to remodel the kitchen...

All those who know me well, know that I love food and therefore love kitchens! The birthplace of my husband's cooking (and my occasional cookies) had to be special and a place where we could dine, talk and linger for awhile. I wanted each corner to sing to one another in a quirky, off-key Christmas carol! I think we did it - virtual high fives for everyone!

Our attic is a one bedroom, one bath, kitchen, living room and... an art nook! How lucky am I to have a place where I can doodle, watercolor, write love notes and dream of new projects?!?

It's not big but every inch of it sings!

There are certain areas in everyone's home that they naturally gravitate towards. For me, that would be my Living Room/ Family Room/ Everything Room! I only have one of them so I have to make it count!

My love affair with this space began with a sofa... That cutie pie tufted girl with the dimples in her cushions! We were destined for each other and through the Sunday naps and occasional salsa spills; she's proven to be my most treasured purchase from Alice Lane!

I am in love with this season! Everything from the smells, the lights, the meaning and yes, even the commercialism I adore! I embrace it long before its socially acceptable and begin to decorate the second Halloween exits. People find reasons to give! Countertops are filled with family recipes and I am lucky enough to not just live in an attic but an attic above my mom and my dad in the home I grew up in. I am by definition a homebody because my home truly is my favorite place on earth!

- Suzanne

[photos by Meikel Reece]