To Our Mothers - Happy Mother's Day!

Mothers make a house feel like a home. There's even a certain smell to the house when mom is home. As kids, the first thing we'd yell when we walked in the door from school was, "mAHHHHHHHm!" We'd yell it until she answered. We didn't need her; we just wanted to know where she was and that she was home.

It always makes me smile when we go into a home to consult for design services and the homeowner requests that we do a toy room in the basement. My advice is always this: Kids won't go to another floor to play, at least not for very long. They want to be wherever Mom is, and that's usually in the family room next to the kitchen.


My point is, kids love their moms. Even as adults, we feel most secure and validated when our moms are within reach. We love the sound of their voice, their scent, the smell of their cooking. I even love the smell of my mom's breath. I know I'm not a kid anymore, but when I go home I am. I walk in the door and yell, "mAHHHHHHm!" until she answers.

Love you, Momma!

- Jessica

[photos 1,2,3 by Ashlee Raubach, 4, Family Room Photo by Nicole Gerulat]

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