Private Residence - Family Room

You can only imagine my excitement when a kindred spirit (named Peggy) brought this in and asked if we could transform their family room with this as our springboard.

I get to reinterpret one of my favorite printed spaces?!? WHAT? YES! THANK YOU!!

The specific things our client loved was the temperature coming from the rug and the effortless aesthetic.

She has some existing spool chairs that needed a hug and a tickle but other than that, we had free reign to select each piece!!!

Below you can see the different layouts we played with. Placing the furniture grouping on an angle is always quirky and unexpected but there is a strong balance when centered on the grand fireplace...

After we present a space, our client can let us know what they do and don't love. In this case, she only had 2 revisions... a different coffee table and a place to rock her grandbabies. We made a couple of adjustments but stayed true to our spirited client's heartsong!

- Suzanne