Show n' Tell - Bliss Residence Nursery

Mrs. Bliss is the most delightful person you will ever meet; always put together, with the perfect amount of blush on her cheeks and the most gracious smile. We have known each other for years but when we met to discuss her home she had a new glow about her! As we walked up the stairs towards her bedroom, she stopped short and said, "This is where the nursery will be!" I gasped, we giggled, and I learned that she and Mr. Bliss were chosen to adopt the most perfect baby girl in the world who they would name Kate... Miss Kate Bliss.


I felt so lucky to be a part of this miracle! Nurseries are one of my favorite spaces to design because they exude all things that are good... and, in this case, pink! I concluded that Little Kate's nursery would swim in the universal color of love and it is possibly a gallon more precious than anything you've ever seen before. Prepare yourself.

To anchor the room (and all that pink!), we used a rug that was organic and flowering!  A loose design by a French artist named Paule Marrot laid the perfect foundation for the rest of the room!  The crib was curvy with a lil’ bit of humble pie so things didn’t get too serious, and the only thing I thought appropriate to put inside the crib was Bambino linen(with ruffles, of course)!

Every mama needs an amazing place to rest her feet and rock her baby.  We dressed her swivel glider in a gold and ivory faux bois and the ottoman in this insane velvet that melts your soul!  Mrs. Bliss will use this surface not only as an ottoman but as a place to lay Kate when changing her outfits.

The changing table- Oh, the changing table!!! This thing is fit for a queen and the graphic German silver appliqué makes me want to be a better person!

Honestly, the best part about this nursery is how easily any of the pieces will transplant to the rest of her home.  While Baby Bliss will eventually grow up and out of her nursery, Mrs. Bliss will be able keep these pieces forever and incorporate them in other areas of her home!

Every memory and precious moment will be trapped in the fibers of this room and I can’t imagine a more beautiful place for Mama Bliss and that sweet baby Kate to spend time together, whether it be quiet mornings, warm afternoons, or even sleepless nights (may they be few and far between!).

Congratulations and thank you for letting me be a part of this!

- Suzanne