Show n' Tell - Private Residence Bedroom and Bath

Those who know me and those who love me know that I looooove rugs!  Every kind really but I must say my heart stopped at one and has had difficulty moving on!   Her name is Tiffany and she is hand knotted, with a stylized motif that feels like she has lived forever!  The way the navy tones melted into the golden sun and splashed you with persimmon is like the perfect sunset!

It was no question in my mind that one particular client HAD to live with this rug!  And their second home in Entrada was the perfect landing spot!  When we started designing one of their guest bedrooms, we began with the rug and Tiffany was it!  Being so enchanting and whimsical, we paired her with a iron bed with a quatrefoil detail and slubby yummy white and greige bedding.  We wanted the nightstands to feel found, like they were born with the home and the lighting to feel authentic and true!  The accessories and art had to be just right….simple yet thoughtful!

The tile in the bathroom was critical!  We had to find something that felt hand sketched, painted and loved for centuries.  We found it from Tabarka tile!  A company out of Arizona who hand crafts and paints each terracotta tile.

We designed and hand picked everything in these spaces from the tile work to the plumbing to the cloisonné knobs on the vanity.  There are so many moments in this space that one only needs to stand still, absorb the sunlight and you can’t help but feel like you’re being hugged by mother earth!