Alice Lane Features Architect Hyrum Bates

We are big fans of Hyrum Bates. We happened upon his work back when we were living in Farmington and asked if he would help us make our dream come true of designing a charming little shop in Orem. I had the ugly building and a sketchbook full of ideas - I just needed his know-how to make it charming. We asked Hyrum to be a guest blogger to showcase some of his work:

The first is "Residence on Flint" -

"The Stair Hall is the circulation center of the home, giving place for art, a grand clock and playful stair-railing giving nod to the owner's Scandinavian Heritage."

"A kitchen is the heart of any home and this one is no exception. I love the way the strength of the green walls and ceiling is not too overpowering because the white cabinets have a power of their own. This kitchen is designed to be fully utilized and experienced - from its functionality for cooking, to sitting and watching, working at the desk and displaying art."

"The simplistic and detailed Powder Bath was designed to be an art 'gallery' allowing the color to be displayed through the art. Yet the modern 'hatbox' commode and 'farmhouse' sink become the stars of this show."

"This room was inspired by the beaches of Southern California. The warm sandy color of the ceiling and upper walls lend coziness to the creamy white lower walls. Blues and bright whites remind of the sky and clouds, water and waves. The perfect Master's Bedchamber."

"Formality gives way to warm invitation in the Sitting Room. Soothing blue reigns supreme, but is calmed by white and the natural light of the dormer from above. The double 'farmhouse' X gives life, texture and scale to the taller wall of this retreat."

Clarkston Manor - "I love the stateliness of the French Formal/Chateau style... it is timeless and classic in its very essence."

Parley's Way - "This was a remodel, taking the existing, 1950's one-level brick home down to the foundation and creating a completely fresh look was exciting. The porte cochere (drive-thru) was an innovative way to get the upper level the desired size and still maintain access to the garage at the rear."

Bountiful Home - "I love the eyebrow arch window and how it is the star of the show for this particular elevation of the house. Craftsman details nod to the Arts & Crafts style."

Kentucky Downs - "This too is a remodel/addition project designed in collaboration with Judith Clawson. The desire to give the home an 'Arts & Crafts' architectural style allowed the home to command a stronger street presence and give it a 'face' that only rarely will forget."