Alice Lane Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

What you get your Mom, Sister, Best Friend, or other special woman you adore? We’ve gathered a smattering of our most precious treasures that are sure to inspire or delight her this Christmas. A charming rug that is great for petite spaces- the entry, for example, or in front of her kitchen island or sink. Help her layer her table with a set of gold-rimmed nesting bowls and A spectacular frame to hold her most prized possession- a moment with her family. Throw in a pair of crystal candle sticks for a guaranteed wow factor. Give her color, with a floral arrangement that looks fresh from the florist all year long.  For some eye candy, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful book filled with great photos- fashion, interiors, take your pick! A delicious candle accompanied by a box of long matches is the perfect antidote to stressful day of holiday shopping and in-laws! For brownie points, surprise her with jewelry that is as inspired as she is. Even better, add a special box for her keep on her nightstand, desk, or, vanity  for her to display her treasures.

Stop by or call in and let us help you find the perfect thing for her- we'll even wrap it up for you and ship it out!

Merry Merry!

- Jessica

 [photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]