Alice Lane on Hanover Avenue

If you're ever in need of a good boost of self-confidence, Anne Tollett from Hanover Avenue is just the person to call! She reached out to us months and months ago wanting to interview our main gal, Jessica Bennett, for part of her video blog series that spotlights some amazing designers. Of course we were flattered and instantly taken with Anne's energetic personality that we just had to say yes. Ivory Lane Kitchen + Designed by Alice Lane Home-20

With the launch of our new website and the reveal of Emily Jackson's kitchen, Anne wanted the full scoop on how with good design, styling, furnishings, and decor we transformed this large white kitchen and dining space into something truly amazing.

Emily Jackson Dining Room_Before After

Be sure to head over to Hanover Avenue for the full interview with Jess! You'll love some of the tips & tricks she has to share so you can get this look for yourself. We're even offering a special discount to Hanover Avenue readers, so don't miss it!