Art Tips, Tricks, and Rules

Traditional+Living+Room+white+sofa+pair+chairs+WIfHtscwZnVl1. Think low. The biggest mistake people make when hanging art is hanging it too high. A good rule of thumb is to hang art at eye level. Keep your height in mind. For someone who is short, eye level is going to be lower than most, so raise that art up just a bit, and vice versa for all of you tall folks. hbx-sofas-murals-light-03-1010-de-7148245

traditional-living-room-aparicio-associates-new-york-new-york-201210_1000-watermarked2. Don't let your art get lonely. Take into consideration how your art will relate to the pieces of furniture around it and the pieces below it. Art should never be hung alone on a large wall unless it is a large statement piece and should be anchored by a chair, bench, credenza, or mantle.

Bedroom+Framed+artwork+mirror+surrounding+Xg6zBPDycKKl3. Use moments from your own life - candid snapshots. These are little treasures for guests to stumble upon in your house and warm reminders of happy memories for you. However, don't go overboard. The more personal the area of the home - the more personal photographs and memories it can hold, like hallways, bedrooms, and dressing rooms.

House and HomeBest-Dec-SIP12-Chris-Tubbs4. Give your art collection your personal touch. Don't be afraid to add a little whimsy or quirk to your home through your artwork. Whether an irreverent postcard or silly picture snuck into a gallery wall, an element of quirk and humor in your decor shows you don't take yourself too seriously. Your home is truly a reflection of your personal taste.

contemporary-living-room-s-russell-groves-raleigh-north-carolina-201211-2_1000-watermarked5. The big bucks aren't needed. You don't need to spend a fortune on an original piece of art to have a beautiful, cohesive gallery wall or even just that one statement piece.

traditional-entrance-hall-paolo-moschino-and-philip-vergeylen-london-england-201204_1000-watermarked6. Layers look collected and effortless. Hang a larger statement piece then layer one or two smaller pieces leaning, over it. Add a sculptural piece of art for another layer. This look makes a traditional space feel looser and creates a great place to keep a collection.

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