Blogger Holiday Social 2011: Merry Christmas, Darling

Last night was our 2nd Annual Blogger's Holiday Social held here at Alice Lane. We did this last year and it was a great success - so much fun to get to rub elbows with the local talent.

Our theme this year was Merry Christmas, Darling and we wanted everything to feel very handmade and homespun. What better way to do that then sew our name tags and make homemade jam and fresh biscuits for the favors!

Here are some of Utah's most talented!

There were delicious treats for everyone to indulge!

This year we decided to do a fun gift giveaway. Everyone brought something that they had made - showing off their talents and we did a drawing to exchange! All of the gifts were so lovely and perfect!

Here is a list of those who attended. Make sure to check out their blogs and see their amazing talents!