Bon Appetite!

Bon Appetite! The heartbeat of any home is the kitchen.  This is where family and friends gather for delicious food, loads of laughter and great memories.  It’s not too often we get the opportunity to design a kitchen for a real chef, but that’s exactly where we’ve found ourselves on this most recent project!  Not only did we want to make this kitchen beautiful, it needed to be high functioning, efficient and well-organized.


We began our kitchen recipe with the backsplash – the most stunning cobalt blue herringbone!  Once we laid our eyes on this tile, we knew it was for our chef!  Because our backsplash is the main course, we wanted to keep the other finishes clean and simple.  We decided to make all lower cabinetry white oak and paint all upper cabinetry white, creating an easy and contemporary backdrop to our backsplash.

We fell in love with the idea of restaurant-style floating shelves for our chef.  We strategically placed the floating shelves near the Teppanyaki Grill (yes, that’s right – Teppanyaki Grill!) so our chef could easily plate hot food for his guests.

In order to create some mood lighting, we positioned sconces on the columns flanking the floating shelves. Imagine how stacks of white dishes will softly glow in this space! Lighting is key in a kitchen - it’s the garnish on top; without it, it just wouldn’t be as pretty!

We left no stone unturned in this kitchen, including designing the pantry!  In small spaces you are only in for moments at a time - go bold!  We covered our pantry floor in a cobalt blue, 3” hexagon tile.  We then plastered the walls with a graphic white and taupe wallpaper that resembles a contemporary woods scene – why not?!  Because our pantry is so flavorful, we couldn’t keep this jewel hidden, so we placed a sliding barn door outside the pantry.  You can’t help but smile when passing this pantry.

This is bound to be a kitchen where family and friends gather for delicious food, loads of laughter and great memories.  Bon Appetite!