Book Report

I just bought this new book, Colin Cowie, Chic, from legendary lifestyle expert, Colin Cowie. It's a handbook for living well in the twenty first century. I love the sentiments Cowie shares throughout the pages of his book. I have to share! It's made me think differently about how I live!

He writes, "My home is my refuge, my playground, my base of operations, my pride and joy. I use my living room sofa, my dining room table, my very best china, my crystal stemware, and every single one of my favorite things as often as possible - And I do so with pleasure and gratitude that they are mine. The people who created the beautiful objects we have in our homes did so in order for us to enjoy them. (Just think of the stories vintage silver would tell if it could!)"

I can't count the number of residences I've walked into that have no essence of real life or welcoming energy, no feeling of who lives there, no sense of joy or communion. Very often flat lifeless, picture-perfect shells to be admired rather than lived in and savored. For me, that's completely missing the point. We all deserve to live well and live our very best life possible.

We recently went to check in on a client of ours. Her home is nearing the end of completion. It was so rewarding to see her really living in her spaces. To see her newfound lifestyle paying off. Her home was inspiring to us - and we did the design! It fits her like a glove. She uses her spaces! And they look even better now that they've been broken in. You could flop on any of her upholstered pieces and just be.

She offered us a bottle of sparkling water. I could smell her luxe Voluspa candles burning. I enjoyed so much seeing proof of her in the details - Her beautiful shoes near her dressing mirror, her photos in the frames, fresh fruit stacked high on a pedestal plate near the kitchen window.

We met about the last layers of her home - draperies and art. We can hardly wait to share the photos of her home with you all once it's complete... Here is a sneak peek!

In Colin's closing statements of his book, he writes, "Life is not, and should never be, about doing things "perfectly". Your best is more than good enough, so as long as you do it with uber-amounts of generosity, humility, grace, passion, style, glamour, fabulousness... and of course fun!"

- Jessica