Book Review: Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams "The Comfortable Home"

This great how-to book by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is an endless cache of design tips, decorating checklists, and inspirational room settings and furniture pieces.  If someone is thinking of re-decorating or re-purposing their home, this serves as a wonderful starting place.

First, they say, you should define your style.   Do you like modern, sleek pieces or traditional, classic pieces?  The authors recommend mixing and matching different styles to achieve a timeless and versatile look.  “For us, it’s all about the mix, whether you’re filling your traditional home with modern furniture or adding elements of country style to a mostly modern living room.  Don’t be afraid to consider furnishings from different eras with a subtle blend of finishes, fabrics and colors.  The result will be a uniquely personal space.”

Mitchell and Bob put the reader’s mind at ease with their room-by-room guide that shows you how to work with your room’s scale and purpose.  Will the room be used for entertaining, for everyday living, or for formal occasions?  Does the room need pull-away seating or hidden storage?  Keep this functionality in mind when you’re selecting new pieces.  For example, a high traffic area like an entry may not be the place for a white rug.

They give some great tips for helping your home reach its full potential.  Invest in simple, clean window treatments, staying with the same draperies throughout your home’s common spaces.  If you need to alter hardware or treatments because of a window’s shape or functionality, use similar colors and fabrics.  Choose a neutral palette for your walls, and limit the number of colors in your home overall.  Change the amount of color in each room to create visual interest.  Finally, let your home’s architecture shine through.  Paint or stain all wood trim in the same way, and use all the same style, finish, and color for all your doors and hardware.  Keep the flooring consistent, as “different floor colors or finishes in hallways and adjacent rooms can make a layout feel choppy.”

Most importantly, they recommend everyone do their design homework.  Scan books, magazines, online photo albums, and see what style speaks to you.  We always recommend opening a Pinterest account, as this is a great place to collect your favorite design moments and discover new, inspiring design elements.

In the hustle and bustle of a hectic world, creating a peaceful and welcoming home is a must.  This book by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams helps us organize our thoughts and design rooms that will bring happiness to our homes.  “We’ve found that how you arrange the furniture can have a real impact on your home life…Each new update is a chance to reassess what makes us feel at home.”

- Andrea

[photos from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams The Comfortable Home]