Brady Residence

It's a story... of a lovely lady, (Yes, this is the tale of the Brady home... but sung to a much different tune.) This has got to be one of the greatest homes I've ever had the privilege of working on since we opened our store. Located in the awe-inspiring neighborhood of the Ridges in Summerlin, Las Vegas, sits this beautiful warm-contemporary meets traditional home. We've been working with the homeowner, Laura, on furnishing the home for about a year and a half now. She flew us out last month to do window treatments and show us the last few areas that need finishing touches. I couldn't resist showing you the photos we took while we were there. I should wait until the window treatments are up to share the photos... but it's still magnificent, so take a peek!

Entry/Dining/Living Rooms - Here is an establishing shot to help you get your bearings. The entry is located directly across from that leather settee. Beyond it to the right is the Formal Dining Area, and to the far left is the Living Room.

This is the Formal Dining Room. This custom walnut table we designed and had built in L.A., is anchored on Thomas O'Brien's Caruso Rug in Ocean, hand-knotted from wool and silk. The sloping side chairs are in an off-white leather, the host and hostess chairs are in a bronze shagreen leather - if only I had a tight shot of the leather - It looks like it has goosebumps and has been washed in a warm metallic finish. Looking at them gives me goosebumps.

I'll never forget the day Laura and I were talking over the plans for this room and we decided to do the Elizabeth Armoire by Oly in this space... I knew it would be spot-on with the rug and the clean reflective finish of the mirrors in the doors would add that sparkle. Then Laura suggested that we do two! And I thought... Why didn't I think of that? What could be better than the Elizabeth Armoire? Two of them! Brilliant!

The Living Room - I love this room! It's so easy to be in. There is enough interest to keep your eye moving... but everything gets along so well that you feel relaxed. The finishes are sophisticated, the shapes are timeless.

Take the Chesterfield sofa for instance, a totally traditional style done in a contemporary bone leather. It's these answers that continue to flow throughout the home! We anchored the room with a Martha Stewart, hand-knotted wool and silk rug, Faux Bois in White Birch. The round coffee table is finished in a deep rich brown stain with a mirrored top. The chairs are through Palecek. The floor lamp is from Shine! The room is flooded with the best natural lighting which makes these high-end finishes dance! Look at that silk pattern dance on the rug! GULP.

The sofa pillows are Giraffe Hair-on-Hide, Popcorn Silk in Tobacco, the Komaki Ball Pillow, and white-on-white animal print sculpted velvet pillow is custom Alice Lane.

That is all for this post. Stay tuned for the Master Bedroom shots tomorrow!