California Girl

Entryway! We have all heard the phrase, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." This is true when we're interacting with people for the first time but today, I'm going to your homes first impression! THE ENTRY!

We've been working with a gal in California who is a doll. Cutest style ever, and when I first met her, my impression was that she was going to have a darling, young, and animated home! She was a good time and why wouldn't you reflect those traits in the space you live everyday?!?

We designed her Family Room and it came together so beautifully! But what you can't see in this image is that the entry sits right in front of this space. So what do we do there? What would be the perfect preamble to a space like this?

The only thing our client requested be in the space was a painting her father had done years before. We loved it, and thought it a great springboard for a great entry!

We began with a gorgeous gray high lacquered sawhorse console. This gives the casual, coastal feel but the high lacquer finish gives i t a unique element. A nice compliment with her Dad's stunning art! We then placed a large green glass lamp on the console. We loved the translucent color this brought to the room and how it felt like an extension the painting. We placed two glass display boxes on the opposite end and filled them with a carved bone lobster and crayfish! Who has this?! We fell in love and thought this would be a fun whimsical element that her kids would explore and guests would admire! We also placed a bowl atop the console to throw keys and all those random items that seem to collect in an entry. Most are probably asking themselves, "Where on earth am I going to put my umbrella?" Well, we solved that problem with the most adorable boot umbrella stand... You're welcome!

You never get a second chance to make a first impression and what an impression her home will make!

- Suzanne and Christy