Celebrating 3 Years!

I always get a little sentimental in September...It is our birth month here at Alice lane. We opened our doors just 3 years ago! September 2008! What a milestone.

If I only knew what I do now - Everything I ever anticipated about the business is almost entirely different than I would have thought. IT IS BETTER! It is a dream come true each day to come into work and be able to rub shoulders with such talented people that bring their A game and give it all they've got. I work with the brightest creative minds in the business.

We EAT, SLEEP, DREAM design - and come to work with an even better idea than the day before. We love design so much we are oozing with excitement. We don't try to play it down. We are design geeks!

Stop by this month and talk to any of my geeky staff! Ask them questions - get their opinions on anything design related. You'll see what I mean by oozing!

We are having a couple of BIG things to celebrate in honor of our birthday!

Open to the public! We will have way too many delicious things to eat and drink and the design staff will be on-hand to work with anyone in-store. Not only will we have an in-store giveaway but our blog giveaway will start tomorrow! So make sure to check back and enter!

I have also reached out to my biggest vendors to offer you 20% off custom upholstery throughout the entire month. So NOW is a good time to start that project and have it all in to entertain by the holidays!  We'll look forward to seeing you soon.

Many thanks for your patronage and support over the last 3 years!

- Jessica

[photo on left by Nicole Hill Gerulat]