Clarke Residence - Master Bedroom

We began with a rug, the Congo rug to be exact. A luxurious touch you can't wait but sink your feet into every morning. From there we placed a sunburst mirror above the bed - a true marvel of elegance! We decided to use a desk as a bedside table instead of the traditional nightstand. Not only does this look smart but it functions for our client as he works all hours of the night. We nestled a charming side chair with his desk and wrapped it in a traditional, cozy print - making working late nights a little more enjoyable. Above his desk we placed four breathtaking crystals. Can you believe these are purely created by Mother Nature herself?! When the bedside lamps shine on this work of art, they just sing! Gorgeous!

At the foot of the bed, the homeowners requested a cabinet for a pop-up television. Great for viewing your favorite shows late at night - not the greatest piece to walk into every morning. To disguise this necessary element of the room, we placed a luxurious, comfortable, and uber-inviting sofa at the foot of this cabinet. What pop-up television? Opposite this sofa, we placed two of the most comfortable chairs you have ever lounged in! Just to be a little more ridiculous, we covered these chairs in rich mohair-like fabric. Yum! Between the chairs, we placed an ottoman which not only acts as a coffee table but a peaceful spot to read a book, kick-up your feet and unwind for the night. This Master Bedroom retreat creates a place for daydreams, night dreams, and all dreams between! Sweet dreams Mr. and Mrs. Clarke.