Inspiration in Unusual Places: Spring Clothing

Even with the strange weather going on around us, there is a buzz and excitement for all of the many new spring clothing lines which can always inspire our interiors. Fashion and interior design have many of the same basic principles - color, texture and scale. Loving the most recent J.Crew catalog! Warm tones mixed with a bit of cool. Loving the orange mixed with a seafoamy turquoise. Whether adding a lace blazer to an outfit or lovely floral artwork to a room, it adds a touch of femininity to both. A punchy kelly green is a fun surprise in this mix!

A dark navy blue mixed with a pop of cobalt is a great way to spice things up for spring.

Neutrals galore. All of these textures are glorious! Clean and tailored lines give this room and outfit an A+.

Pinks and yellows, pretty and sophisticated with a bit of playfulness. These blossoms bring the springtime inside!

A mossy green and rich browns with a pop of kelly green give these rooms and this outfit a youthful and peppy feel.

A lovely eyelet skirt or a vintage sofa in a silk damask have that perfect feminine touch. A pretty pendant adorns the side of the sofa with two vintage inspired bird art pieces hang above.

Grey and navy. A dark and crisp look to any outfit or room. Wonderfully tailored and designed to perfection!

Which outfit or room is your favorite?

[photos from Elle Decor, Lonny Magazine and Rue Magazine]