Fall Market Review

We just returned from Market, excited to share what we found with all of you. We saw so many beautiful things, and met the style makers behind the designs. I like to ask questions about where they get their inspiration for their new introductions. What's the store? The answers almost always come from something in their past.

History is a great inspiration for the future. I heard everything from an airplane, like this club chair from Thom Filicia to a Mississippi train station, where Barry Dixon got his inspiration for this screen.

We are seeing a lot of looks that were hot in the 50's and 60's, thanks to today's television hits, Mad Men and The Good Wife. There are whole furniture collections based on what you are seeing their set decorators use. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams has created a collection that is based on pieces actually used on the sets of The Good Wife. These silhouettes are available now.

Vanguard was giving a nod to the past, also. Check out this sofa and entertainment unit! They're better built, cleaned-up versions of your parents or grandparents furniture. So those of you that can't remember this time and place, can discover it for yourselves - the new classics.

Jewel tones were all the rage this Market - just like what you're seeing in your favorite catalogs and clothing stores.

You have to admit, all this saturated color makes you feel something! Everyone is using it in the accents. Occasional chairs, pillows, art - the sofas are almost always still a neutral.

Another not to the past came in the art. The Conde Nast images have been made available to one of our vendors. They narrowed their search for this Market to Vogue magazines from 1920-1940. I can hardly wait to share them with you!

This business is all about living and expressing yourself in a way we believe should seem effortless as opposed to uptight and formal. That is what my search is always for when I shop the marketplace. Comfortable, inspiring looks that will shape your lifestyle. That's right! Lifestyle - you have one! You determine how you live and what it looks like. Live well!

- Jessica