Found Curiosities!

There are certain pieces in every space that dictate the spirit of a room. Whether it be a bold rug or a bazaar sculpture, interesting rooms are opinionated, sometimes irreverent and always unexpected! While in the first stages of our kitchen remodel, Tom and I took a field trip to Euro Treasures in downtown Salt Lake to see if we could find something unique and found! As we walked deeper into the old, spacious (and semi decrepit) building, we stumbled upon such a piece. She was a stunner! Beautifully carved and fairly substantial - but what was she? Where had she been and what on earth was she used for? All I knew is she was placed in my path and I had to take her home with me! She would be my island! This 300 year old something from India would be my kitchen oasis!

When we had everything planned out in the space, we took her to the salon and our amazing cabinet maker, Scott Brown, got her all dolled up with three drawers on one side and a door on the other. I can't show you complete after shots yet but let me tell you, this girl is smokin'! Without her in the space, it would feel ordinary, flat and less than special but I do declare, she is breathing a whole new life!

I don't know what she was before being reincarnated but I'm happy to call her my own found curiosity!

- Suzanne