Greatest Alice Lane Moments

Over the past 3 years we have had some amazing moments here at Alice Lane. Everything from appearing in magazines to having a film shot here that Jessica had the opportunity to be in! Our own Alice Lane star! Take a look at some of our favorite moments.

We were voted one of the best places to shop for gifts! What an honor - especially within our first year!

In their Summer 2010 issue, Utah Style & Design featured us in their Pacemaker section!

Last summer, we had a scene shot at the store for the film, "Midway to Heaven" directed by Michael Flynn. Jessica was cast as client of Michelle Money's, whose character was an interior designer.

Jessica appeared on the cover of Business Q magazine last fall for Utah Valley's "40 under 40" article.

That same fall, Alice Lane was chosen for the cover of Utah Style and Design featuring our beautiful blue plastered wall. The article inside was all about how to use hides.


Alice Lane hosted the Blogger Holiday Social for the biggest local bloggers with Kirsten of 6th Street Design School. It was a big hit and such a great time, getting to know all of the other bloggers in person!

In February of this year, we were asked to participate in an American Express photo shoot... The day was full of make-up, hair, flashes and smiles.

Matthew Mead was hosting a little party for NieNie and all of her sisters and friends for an article for his magazine and decided to have it here!

Alice Lane hosted Nicole's Classes book signing with Nicole Hill Gerulat and Mike & Alma Loveland. There were sweet treats and mingling galore!

Jessica had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the talented Thomas O'Brien and Suzanne Kasler at Market!

So many amazing events and moments! Thanks to everyone for your support and friendship. We look forward to seeing what the future holds!

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