Guest Blogger: Robert McArthur

You know when something significant happens in your life, and you feel everything around you slows down and you think -- life will never be the same again. That is what happened to me nearly 10 years ago when I walked into Robert McArthur's home. He planned, designed, built, and landscaped the most spectacular home - iconic work! And put it in the Northern Wasatch Parade of Homes for all to enjoy! I must have gone through the home daily during the Parade. My husband Adam and I were looking for a home at the time - and after walking through Robert's home we knew we wanted to live like this. So we met with Robert and selected one of his house plans. We made a few minor alterations to the plan and began to build our Dream House on Alice Lane. I wanted to show you the house that changed my life! A picture is worth a thousand words... So I'll stop writing and just let you appreciated his charming way of combining all these elements that make you want to cozy in to all the precious spaces he's created in each and every room. This is McArthur Park... Enjoy!

- Jessica

Meet Robert...

When was it that you were first inspired to be an architect? When I was 10 years old. While growing up, my parents always took me to the Parade of Homes. I still remember at age 10 I saw a Parade Home that I loved. I wanted to be able to create something like it ever since.

What inspiration have you drawn from the various places that you have lived and traveled? I am soaking up my surroundings everywhere I go and in every aspect of life. I'm intrigued with materials used in all types of buildings, the light and lack of light in buildings as well as how structures are sited on the property. I even think that food and it's presentation is inspirational.

What advice do you give when helping someone determine their style? Check out every magazine possible and you will naturally gravitate to the style you like.

What is your ultimate dream project? To design a whole mixed-use community; residential, commercial and retail spaces complete with landscape.

Thanks Robert for taking the time to stop by and share your inspirational work with us! Stop by Robert's blog, Creative Spaces for Thoughtful Living.