Guests Are Coming!

One of our most recent clients came to us with a special request. "We have guests coming in February and need it completely furnished. Can you do it?" Of course we were up to the challenge, smiled and said "Yes!"

Our most important task for this bedroom was to make it as comfortable and functional as possible for her guests - making this bedroom their own cozy retreat. The room was already prepared with horizontal board and batten running up the wall. We loved the dimension and texture this brought to the room. However, we wanted to soften the hard lines with some graceful curves. our first thought - the Ingrid bed! The ideal companion with board and batten.

Instead of placing a nightstand on either side of the bed, we placed a desk on one side. This not only functions as a nightstand. It doubles as a comfortable spot for her guests to plug in a laptop, catch up on emails - or even write the host a nice thank you note!

Whenever I stay as a guest in someone's home, I always need a spot to place my luggage and unpack. the relaxed tufted leather bench at the foot of the bed is a simple solution to this dilemma, yet also doubles as extra seating in the room.

Above the dresser we positioned a charming organic mirror. Again, the shape and style of this mirror loosens those horizontal lines. This also becomes a great spot for her guests to freshen up before returning to the party.

However, as a lovely and important as all these details are, my number one tip for making your guests feel like kings and queens - Matteo linen sheets! I can testify from personal experience these sheets will change your life the way you sleep!  They truly are the ultimate in luxury and comfort!

With these few thoughtful details, our client's guests are sure to feel comfortable, cozy and welcome. However, I believe we may have one problem with this guest bedroom - her guests may never want to leave!

- Christy