Heaven on Earth!

Look what just showed up last week... this lovely king size bed we have been waiting for since April... and boy, was it worth the wait! I had the choice to re-select fabric that wasn't out of stock... but I was patient and said "Nope, I'll wait. I can wait for perfection!"

And so we did...

This is the Cleo Bed by Michael Weiss. We've had it in the store just once before a charcoal gray. So we thought we'd bring it in this time in a lighter hue. Fabric changes everything... it has a whole different mood in this heathered oatmeal tone. We chose a French gray for the rails and feet. (You'll have to stop by and check her out! Our photos don't quite show that off.)

The icing on the cake: Our newest line of bedding, Ankasa. Textural delight - the Bonne Terre duvet, Highline Pic Stitch Silk Coverlet, three Upper East Euros, metallic stamped linen pillow, and appliqued linen flowers and berries on linen pillow stand as proud as a peacock.

This bed is DEEEEvine! Come on in and pick it up today! It's yours for the taking - four months of waiting to see it all come together and you could have it all installed by tomorrow! Sure you could!