How to Care for Your Linen Sheets

We are so excited about one of our new bedding lines! Libeco Home offers bed linens made of Belgian linen that are luxurious and comfortable. We recently received a shipment of bed sheets in white and stone and have a sampling of duvet covers and other bed linens offered by Libeco Home.

Linen sheets are our most favorite because linen is an all-natural fabric that is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermo-regulating - it's insulating in the cold and cool and breathable when it's warm! They are extremely durable and exceptionally long-lasting. These sheets will actually get better as time goes by; they become softer, smoother and more lustrous.

One important thing to help your linen sheets last, is the way that you wash them.

WASHING - Wash your linens as soon as possible after a spill or spot. - Do not overload the machine. - Choose the machine setting with maximum water level. - Use a mild soap. Avoid strong detergents, especially concentrated forms. - Do not use detergents with optical whiteners when washing linen. - Avoid all types of bleaches. - Recommended temperature is a warm wash 104 degrees F as a maximum.

DRYING - Fill your tumbler with half the normal capacity in order to let the linen move freely during the drying process. Line-dry if desired. - Do not over-dry. Use a short cycle setting as linen dries quickly. - Use a medium temperature machine setting, and a slower tumble setting, if available.

PRESSING - 100% linen can be ironed at the highest temperature with a hot steam iron.