How-to: Choose a Fall Scent

With the cooler and crisper weather that is quickly approaching, also brings with it, cozy nights tucked inside the house, holiday parties and entertaining. A fall scent for the home is a must to start off the season right. Last month for our birthday, we introduced our newest line - Voluspa, known for their creamy coconut wax blend and the ultra clean burn. We are delighted with all of the rich scents and the pretty packaging.

Warm but fruity, these scents start us off right in the transition from summer to fall:

Pink Citron - Ripe citron grapefruit with a juicy pink center is layered with a tart cassis and a heart of subtle rose. Saijo Persimmon - Japanese saijo persimmon, considered to be the finest gourmet variety, is layered with peach and red currant.

And an Alice Lane favorite - Goji & Tarocco Orange.

Perfect for the kitchen, the James Boyce collection was designed for the kitchen specifically, taking scents that mix well with the smell of many cuisines.

Sommelier is a unique but warm scent with a combination of ruby port, mission fig and star anise. This is one of my favorites! Spice Market is the perfect traditional fall scent with a mix of cassia, ginger and ground clove. If you are looking for something clean and citrus scented, California Citrus is perfect with satsuma tangerine and meyer lemons.

A comforting scent that takes us into the winter months are Snow Flakes and Frost Pinecone.

Which is your fall scent?