How-To: Create a Sunburst Mirror Wall

Sunburst mirrors make a big statement, over an entryway console table, hanging above a tufted bed upholstered in mohair. Glamourous and interesting, these pieces can stand on their own. What about creating a gallery wall of sunburst mirrors? Talk about a statement! This look creates a traveled and collected feel to the room. Mix finishes to make the wall flow and not look so uniform. This will help bring that traveled and collected feeling, it won't look as though all of the mirrors were purchased in a set or at the same place. Adding different sizes into the mix is a must for balance. Use mirrors with different visual weight as well; some that are more open and some that are tighter and more dense.

Here are a few lovelies that we can order in for you here at Alice Lane:

1. 24" Dia. - $188 2. 41.5" Dia. - $698 3. 24" Dia. - $413 4. 19" Dia. - $273 5. 34.5" Dia. - $375 6. 39.75" Dia. - $350 7. 17.5" Dia. - $107

[photo from Mary McDonald's The Allure of Style]