How-to: Freshen Up Your Bedroom This Spring

Your bedroom is your retreat from the world. It should reflect who you are and the things that you love. While spring cleaning and giving the house a facelift, make sure to include your bedroom in that as well. Here are a few easy tips to freshen up your bedroom.

1. Use a colorful throw - Place it at the foot of your bed or drape it on a chaise or bench in the room for a pop of color. Choose a lightweight throw for the spring and summer to use in those chilly air conditioned rooms.

2. Add some pattern - Pretty patterned throw pillows on your bed or on the bench at the foot of your bed are an easy way to freshen up your room. Pick pillows with a lighter weight fabric, like a linen, to really make the room feel like spring.

3. Pick a pair - A new pair of lamps is like a shiny piece of jewelry to accent your bed. New lamps will feel like a new pair of earrings!

4. Dress up your nightstand - Keep it simple with some new nightstand accessories. A new photo frame or tray for your jewelry may not be something that everyone will notice but it's something fresh for you, and your bedroom is your retreat.

1. pillow - $250 // 2. tassel lamp - $662.50 // 3. footed bowl - $60 // 4. photo frame - $105 // 5. throw - $100 // 6. photo frame - $225 // 7. pillow - $225 // 8. pillow - $350

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