How-To: Hanging Artwork

Choosing artwork for your home is a very personal thing. Each piece of artwork in your home should mean something to you - whether it reminds you of a special memory or  it just speaks to your soul. You will be living with this piece, so you should love it! Once you find that special piece it is always a question of how high to hang it.

1. Hang the art with the center at eye level. 57"-60" from the floor to the center of the art is a good overall rule. It will change a little if the artwork is hanging above a console or with another piece or over a bed.

2. Keep about 1 1/2" - 2" between stacked art. It looks better to keep stacked art closer together. Initial instinct may be to spread it out over the wall. Don't be afraid to hang your lowest piece lower. It's ok if it isn't seen at eye level. When you step back it will have a bigger impact if you are stacking several pieces or two large pieces.

3. In general, hang the artwork no higher than 6 inches above a bed or fireplace. And when in doubt, hang it lower than you would think!

4. When creating a gallery wall, start from the center and work your way out. Remember, it doesn't have to be perfectly symmetrical. Think of it as a collection. Just make sure it feels balanced on both sides.

5. Keep it symmetrical with a simple grouping. When there are just a few in the grouping, set them up so that they are symmetrical with the largest size in the center.

6. Layer your art. Don't be afraid to try something new. If you love an art piece that is slightly to large to go over a bed or above your console, layer it and float the piece of furniture.

7. Lean artwork. If you have a large piece or even a small piece it is an easy casual look.