How-to: Organize and Accessorize Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Open shelving in a kitchen can be oh-so-glamorous or a complete mess! Last week we featured the spectacular Nemrow kitchen and the shelves were perfection! So what is the trick to the well-stocked but minimal and clean shelves?

[photo by Meikel Reece]

FUNCTION - Always display things that are functional. Plates, bowls, glasses, cake plates, serving dishes... Whatever you use and is pretty, display it! Forget about the knick knacks and put to use the things that can be of use!

[photo by Ashlee Raubach]

GROUPINGS - Group like things together. Create pattern and repetition. If you have all white dishes, then it's simple! If you have some colored or patterned dishes, mix them in accordingly. Try to keep things in categories, you want your everyday dishes to be the easiest to reach and keep the pretty cake plates and serving dishes up top.

[House Beautiful]


Don't be afraid to use what's on your shelves. It's no different than having closed shelving except for the fact that the dishes stay more organized and you get to enjoy their sparkle all day instead of just at dinner time.

[Elle Decor]