Inspiration in 2012

We are always looking for things to inspire us. To move us forward. Looking to make changes in the new  year. Ways to become better. More refined in some area or another.

After taking down Christmas, I couldn't bear to put things back the way they were. I needed to re-mix, recycle and re-imagine my spaces! Here is my best advice!

Open a Pinterest account! I just started my own this weekend... and it has opened a window into my soul - where everything I love now sits so I can access it whenever I need a happy spot! {Follow me here!}

It's your own little space on the web where you can just pin photos online. You file them in different visual categories -- Holidays, Cooking, Fashion, Home Decor, Party Ideas. Whatever you are in to!

Each year we are on this earth, we should get better. Learn, grow, share, try new things... Pinterest is a great way to stay inspired and keep track of all your favorite ideas. Especially for non-reader types like me. A picture is worth a thousand words! You can add a line of text, reference where you find the photo and pin it.

If you have plans to work on your kitchen this year - you can get online, blogs or websites and start pinning all your favorite kitchen ideas! Your favorite lighting, backsplashes, barstools, appliances, flooring, etc.! You can share photos with your friends, husband, contractors...

We have asked our new clients to open a Pinterest account so we can view their galleries of what they love and hope for before we get started.

Get inspired this year! Curate your favorite ideas. 2012 is going to be our best year yet!

- Jessica

[photos from here and here]