Inspiration in Unusual Places - Back to School

It's that time again... Back to school. Fall clothes are where it's at! Patterned tights, warm woolen sweaters, crisp clean button ups... Let yourself be inspired with youthful colors and textures when back-to-school shopping! Shades of pinks and purples. What better way to bring in color than with a beautiful accent chaise or some colorful Warhol prints!

Navy and white stripes mixed with moss green! Perfect for the first day of school or for a funky dining area!

Cerulean Blue was always my favorite crayon color! It adds pizazz to classic khakis and tee. Use it to paint a room for a dramatic effect or just a splash with a piece of art.

Salmon makes a bold statement. Mixed with dark colors makes it stand out even more!

Why not throw in a bit of blush pink to the mix of neutrals? Add a bit of sparkle to really make the room shine!

Mmm... what a unique shade of green. This subtly says "style maker".

This royal blue is a must to every wardrobe. Pairs perfectly with black and white. the artwork and rug give this room character.

The traditional navy, white and khaki. Classic and beautiful.

What is your back-to-school inspiration?

[photos from Elle Decor, Lonny, Rue, and Domino]