Inspiration in Unusual Places - Jewelry and Color Palettes

One great place to look for inspiration is jewelry. Adding lamps, bedding, artwork and accessories to a room is just like adding jewelry to our outfits... One of the final touches to make it sparkle! Anthropologie always has the most fun and unique necklaces! The bold color palettes of each can inspire any room!

The cool tones in this beautiful Shaded Selvatico Necklace have a great shade of blue to mix with the contrasting colors of these light and dark pearls. In this room, the blue tones are used in the walls and the upholstery while the white and creams are applied to the furniture and the mattes of the artwork while the grays and blacks make a bold statement in the photographs and frames on the walls.

These rich jewel tones in the Seraphim Necklace shimmer to create a bold statement. The jewel tones are used in the bedding of this room and brings life to the stark white bedroom.

[photos from Anthropologie and Domino Magazine]