Just Shorn & Alt Summit

We are so grateful to Just Shorn for sponsoring our ticket to this year's Alt Summit. We learned so much and met so many talented and wonderful people there.

We had the opportunity to spend a day with the Just Shorn bunch, many who had flown over from New Zealand, and learn about their line of wool rugs and carpets. We were so impressed by the quality of their products. We also had the pleasure of meeting one of the sheep farmers, Howie. He was such a delight to talk with them and we learned so much from him!

Just Shorn Fun Facts - Wool can stretch 30% to 40% without breaking. - Wool has a natural crimp with millions of coiled molecules. This allows wool carpet and rugs to retain their shape; even under heavy foot traffic. - Wool has a natural waxy outer membrane that repels most soils and liquids but can still absorb up to on-third its weight in moisture reducing static and making it flame resistant. - Wool has good insulation qualities for superior warmth and softness under foot. - Wool is derived from a 100% renewable resource and is completely biodegradable at the end of it's useful life.

[photos from Just Shorn]