Lizzy's Picks

You can really set the stage of your room and home with the perfect rug. Did you know our designers always begin their projects by selecting a rug? A rug can act as an anchor for the room, and from there every piece in your room, whether it be upholstery, art, pillows or accessories, can take a cue from the rug. Perhaps your rug is a safe, pattern-less neutral, creating a calm flow from piece to piece in the room.

lizzy's picks | alice lane home collection

Perhaps you will choose a rug that sports a bold pattern, with some unexpected color that adds a little humor to the room, acting as an under-foot surprise each time you enter. No matter what you choose for your rug, you can take cues from the rug’s coloring and design to create a cohesive story in your room.

 Always start with the rug. Let it guide you through your design process.

My favorite rug in the store creates a cohesive setting, where the pillows and upholstery really reflect the organic browns, grays, ivories and greens in the rug. The colors and pattern of the rug are natural and organic and the texture of the silk and wool is soft and luxurious. It reminds me, in a way, of a Monet's water lily paintings! Why not put the star art piece of your room on the floor?

lizzy | alice lane home collection