Making an Entrance

What does your entry say about your home? Is it welcoming? Is it charming? Does it make you want to peek in the sidelights just to get a glimpse of what's to come? Hopefully it leaves you wanting more. At Alice Lane we love to create inviting porches and entryways. Here are a few necessary ingredients in warming up the thresholds:

- A great outdoor rug that compliments the style of your home. The rug should have an abrasive surface to keep the outdoor elements from entering the interior spaces.

- An entry rug as large as the space will allow. bigger is always better. It makes the space feel larger and allows the guest plenty of room to enter onto and slip off their shoes while standing on the rug. A large entry rug makes the entry feel like a room instead of a corridor. The entry rug sets the signature for the rest of the home.

For help on your entrance, measure your space and pop by the store to talk to any of our designers about the right rug for your indoor and outdoor spaces. You are always welcome to try a few on approval!