Maps as Artwork

What could be smarter than using a map as artwork?

[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]

The older the better! Use it as a great conversation piece. Use it to tell your story, where you've been, where your people are from, where you've traveled. It will make your room look smart, give it some history, and a sense of your well-traveled past and hopes for the future.

[photo from Elle Decor]

The other nice thing about maps are, they are usually big, which stretches your eye in a space and makes it feel even bigger.

[photos by Nicole Hill Gerulat]

We've hung this old map of Paris behind one of the beds at the store and it is a room changer! It brought that bed into another hemisphere. It has never looked more gorgeous!!! Try this trick at home in your own space.

[photo from Elle Decor]

Great in a home office, kids bedroom, family room... I have a set of 8 framed sections of one big map in my master bedroom. It's dreamy! I can't think of a room that a map wouldn't add interest and a level of thoughtfulness to.