Market Watch

At market a lot of furniture vendors will show their silhouettes in white on their showrooms. It allows us to focus on the shapes and detail of the furniture. It's something to take note of when introducing this new wave of fresh design. Pay attention to the forms that you're using. There is discipline to using white. You can't play tricks with bold contrasts to occupy and entertain the eye. You must use quality materials. Decorating with white makes you rely heavily on textures to tell the story. Varying tones of off-white and a selection of neutral tones will set off the whites and make them sing.

The feeling as you can see  - is peaceful, serene, and almost simple - in a sophisticated way. It's exciting to see the focus in interiors changing from dark heavily decorated rooms to clean, fresh spaces.

"Within white, shapes start to form and we glimpse an illusion of breathtaking beauty. White is the attainment of the highest vibration, the sum of all colours." - 18 Karat

We are excited about the addition of our new line, 18 Karat. It should arrive any day now! White serene shapes and forms. Textural and artistic. So beautiful it belongs in a gallery. Handcrafted, one at a time. Just you wait...

18 Karat accessories

18 Karat - Campanula & Honey Vases

Jessica and Susan Ortiz, Founder of Shine Home

Shine Home - Verona Chairs, Milan Buffet & Jasper Lamp with Cockatoo artwork

Shine Home - Shanghai Console, Sofia Stool & Drake Floor Lamp with Vintage Rose artwork

Shine Home - Brussels Coffee Table

Shine Home - Grace Ottoman

Who wouldn't want to come home to this?