Market Watch - Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

This was a highlight for me this year. Their showroom is so meticulous and well-styled. Not overly decorated - so you can put your own ideas to work. New this market was the Black Label Collection (available for Spring 2012). It boasts larger scaled, super comfortable diverse collection of silhouettes. You'll have to wait until February for the first shipment arrives here to see them. They won't let me share photos until then... They're worth the wait! I can tell you this - most of the frames we bought are slipcovered! The look is relaxed and loungey.

Our favorite market moment was being invited to eat dinner at Mitchell and Bob's home!

They have a rad mid-century modern home in a neighborhood near High Point. They employ a full-time chef to cook for them at their factory. During market he cooks lunch for everyone who happens to be stopping by. And he prepared our food Saturday evening as well. Everything was delicious! The atmosphere. The people. The conversations.

Because I can't share any of the pieces from the new collection, here are a few goodies we love from the current line!

- Jessica