Market Watch - Thom Felicia

Seeing Thom Felicia is always a pleasure. he is the LIFE of the party. Any room he's in becomes instantly brighter.

He introduced a lot of new pieces this market to his furniture line. It is inspiring to see how Thom pulls it all together - His use of color - a dance between all the perfect neutrals and shots of vivid colors. This market, the color was fushia! RASPBERRY! See how Thom does it. (And we saw it in other great designer showrooms too... Stay tuned!)

Thom's rooms are sophisticated, but they're casual enough to be comfortable in. His use of color is almost playful! Every detail is dialed in and well thought out. Thom designs the rugs, the art, and the furniture. We carry all three of his lines - If you're going to do it... Do it right!

- Jessica