Market's Top 10

1. LEATHER SLIP-COVERED DINING CHAIRSThese relaxed leather slip-covered dining chairs have an elegance to them that is easily matched in practicality. They have casters, and a breakaway cushion under your legs, so there is not a hard block under the back of your knee. A dream to sit in and look at! Love the look! I've got 6 coming in an off-white leather.

2. COFFEE TABLE FROM BLISS STUDIO This table gets extra credit points by adding the interesting circular detailed pattern in the cutwork on top of the table and continuing it in the base. It's anything but basic!

3. SOMERSET BAY I love this little console from Somerset Bay. It will tuck in about everywhere, in just about any home. It is great in an entry, a hallway, a vestibule, or under artwork in a living room. It's uses are endless and this classic style could work in any home!

4. THE POUF OTTOMAN FROM CISCO BROTHERS - POUF 43 IN ROUND OTTOMAN The Pouf is genius! I am so happy to enlist this new design trick to our repertoire. It's genius. All those seams and pulled tufting on a radial dome! That's a whole lot of figuring. It's useful and fun to look at!

5. VAGABOND TARP PILLOWS Truck tarps cut to look like European Country flags in neutrals. Raw edges, versatile styling and hardwearing. I'll take oodles of 'em!

6. THE LUCCIA SOFA FROM CISCO BROTHERS High end casual - that's the look + the quality and all the design points! I couldn't resist it and you all are going to love it too! She should be here in about six weeks!

7. ANKASA BEDDING We couldn't resist this fashion forward line of amazing, luxe pillows and bedding. Textures, and intricate details I've never seen! All of these impossible details have been incorporated into gowns for academy awards - and they have put their skill to use in this beautiful line for the home.

8. LOUNGE CHAIRS We bought a pair of these chairs. It was an emotional decision! I LOVE everything about these. There's a grace about them. Their creamy tone makes them a bit softer and they could be paired with linen for a causal sophisticated space.

9. OLY STUDIO'S NEW PHILIP DINING TABLE Love at first sight! Absolute design perfection! I can't wait to use this in a project! I already have the client...

10. LOUNGE CHAIRS FROM CISCO BROTHERS I loved looking at them. I loved sitting in them. These chairs are sooo special! I didn't do them in the cotton velvet shown but a crisp linen blend perfect for the warmer weather!