NieNie - Phase II: The Before's and Demo

You may recall, back in August, we began and completed the first phase of our project with our dear friend Stephanie Nielson from NieNie Dialogues. In case you missed it, you can view the transformation here. Beautiful, right? And because we adore being near her and her family so very much we decided that it was time for Phase II: The Basement Kitchen with the yellow cabinets turned Play Room!

As you can see, the room already has a very charming atmosphere to it, but was simply in need of an ounce more function and an invitation for her kids to come in and play. More whimsy! More enchantment! More Nielson please!!!

Mark & Chad Magleby

When it came to the function we honestly could not have taken on such a detailed project without these two very talented, skilled individuals. They are absolutely amazing and sure do know how to tear out cabinets. But just wait to see the amazing things they can do when building and putting new and improved cabinets back in!

We're bubbling over with excitement as this project gets underway! Now that the old cabinets are out and the rebuilding phase begins, stay tuned to watch this wonderland begin to take shape!!!