Our Favorite Spring Foliage

Perhaps the thing we love most about spring are the recklessly blooming trees outside! The way they renew life and evoke happiness is a trait we find rather endearing. In fact, so much so that we're entirely guilty of sneakily clipping branches from nearby trees and taking them home with us to display! Fresh blooms and branches are the perfect way to breath new life into your home and freshen up your space for spring. And although fresh foliage will always be our favorite, we've managed to find some pretty awesome faux spring foliage that can fool just about everyone. IMG_7271

1. Fiddle Leaf Branches - We LOVE a good fiddle fig, and these beauties add all the modern greenery your heart can handle without the hassle of having to keep the them alive! No really, have you ever tried to keep a real fiddle fig alive? Not easy. At just $23 per branch, you'll save yourself from a black thumb fiasco.


2. White Cherry Blossom Branches - By far our most popular branches that pair perfectly with just about any ginger jar. This is one spring time classic that we'll never grow tired of. Pick up your own bundle at just $13 per branch. Also available in pink!

IMG_7312 3. Orchid Branch - The loose and whimsical nature of the orchid adds that perfect layer of femininity to any room grouping. And although a full bundle of these branches is stunning, we love the pure simplicity and beauty of a single stem. Not bad for just $16.50 each.

Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Spring Foliage

Fiddle Leaf Branch - $26 | White Cherry Blossom Branch - $13 | Orchid Stem - $16.50 available for purchase at Alice Lane Home Collection & Wonderland by Alice Lane