Our Top 5 Favorite Neighbor Gifts

If you're anything like us, by Christmas day your kitchen counter is so cluttered with home-made goodies from neighbors and friends that you end up tossing half of it away just to find your sink (carefully taste-testing everything along the way to see what makes the cut, of course). So before you go slaving over a hot stove to make 12 dozens caramels for your neighbors, check out our round-up of our top 5 favorite neighbor gifts that are simple, unique, and guaranteed to make the cut!Alice Lane Home_Our Favorite Neighbor Gifts

1. Chuao Drinking Chocolate [$16.00] & Ceramic Scoop [$3.50] - Not to be confused with hot chocolate, this mix contains actual bits of shaved dark chocolate that melts down to a perfectly rich and true drinking chocolate. Your neighbors will love every sip!

2. Helliemae's Caramel Sauce [$12.00] - Caramel that easily drizzles over anything and everything? Sign me up! The best apart about this gift...not only does it taste home-made, but it looks home-made! Slap a bow on the top and your neighbors will never know the difference.

3. Helliemae's Caramels [$10.00] - Don't hate us, but these caramels might just beat out your Aunt Betty's famous recipe. Not only are they made with (a ton of) best-quality butter and cream, but they come in an assortment of enhanced flavors like Chili Palmer and Coffee.

4. Voluspa Makassar Ebony and Peach Tin Candle [ $11.00] - The perfect scent in a perfectly gift-able size. Need we say more...

5. Paper White Bulbs [$13.00] - They don't look like much now, but your neighbor will love watching these buds sprout into tall beautiful blooms. Just add a little water and even those with the blackest of thumbs can enjoy them all season long.

Stop by our Salt Lake or Orem store and pick up these great neighbor gifts before they're gone. You'll definitely be the word on the street this Christmas!